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Matoh Locals Weep After Latest Colonial Military Invasion.



Matoh Locals Weep After Latest Colonial Military Invasion

By Mbah Godlove

The Population of Matoh, a village in Meme county have been in agony following a French Cameroun attack in the area.

It has not been a good weekend for the people of the said village as an attack reportedly in search of Ambazonia forces soon turned rather against ordinary youth.

On Friday February 3, a contingent of colonial soldiers invaded Matoh, allegedly in search of General Black Rapen and his foot soldiers.

Upon realizing that their target was far from reality, the regime forces poured out their frustration on locals, most of whose where about remain unknown as nearly 100 youth were whisked away.

Following the unfortunate incident, the population of Matoh have been in tears as those arrested remain unaccounted for 24 hours after they were taken.

It is feared that most of them have been killed as they were being tortured right in front of their families before later taken away.

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