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Tears Flow In Bali Nyonga Over Rape, Torture Of Girls And Women




Tears Flow In Bali Nyonga Over Rape, Torture Of Girls And Women.

By Mbah Godlove.

Girls and women of Bali Nyonga local government area have been in agony for several days in the hands of regime forces who rape and torture them like toys.

BN can reliably confirm information circulating on social media that children as young as 12 are being raped publicly in the said local government area.

In an exclusive interview with a lady in Njinjoh Monday March 6, she intimated that hundreds of colonial soldiers accompanied by black legs are in the land squeezing energy from just any girl or woman less than 40 years.

“We are confused at what has been happening here for days now. Our girls are being devoured and the Truth is the act won’t end any soon cause they are here in their hundreds,” she sorrowfully revealed.

She added that the black legs are showing houses where wives of freedom fighters live and they are pulled out raped, tortured and taken along with them to show other victims.

Our source equally disclosed that the colonial soldiers arrived Bali on Saturday night and have already raped dozens of girls and women.

The move from the regime forces comes after freedom fighters killed a lady who was a key informant to the enemy.

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