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Colonial Soldiers Torture Old Woman On Her Way To Church In Bali



Colonial Soldiers Torture Old Woman On Her Way To Church In Bali.

By Mbah Godlove.

French Cameroun forces have been wreaking havoc in Bali Nyonga for days now and the latest victim of their barbarism is an 85 year old woman.

Mama Florence Yongla was on her way to attend morning service at Presbyterian Church Sang, a locality in Bali Nyonga local government area when she was brutally stopped and arrested by the regime forces. Sources say the octogenarian woman was tortured and held for several hours before being led go this Wednesday March 8, the international women’s day.

Her crime remains unknown but locals suspect she might have been treated with such cruelty because her son is a freedom fighter.

Since Saturday March 4, hundreds of regime soldiers have been combing different neighbourhoods in Bali Nyonga LGA, raping and torturing girls and women with impunity.

The situation of Mama Florence, thus, is just one of a myriad women who are experiencing hell days in the hands of colonial soldiers sent to intoxicate Ambazonian blood in Bali.

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