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Atanga Nji Vs Media War: A Diplomatic Victory



Atanga Nji Paul

Atanga Nji Vs Media War: A Diplomatic Victory

By Mbah Godlove

A war of words that ensued between French Cameroun’s Interior Minister, Paul Atanga Nji and some media houses has been described as a diplomatic victory for Ambazonia.

Earlier this week, the Colonial slave boy threatened to shot down three media organs in Douala, a neighboring Francophone city to Ambazonia’s capital Buea.

Paul Atanga Nji intimated that he would band Equinox, STV, and Radio Ballafoung on the grounds that they propagate Ambazonian views.

To the Colonial interior Minister labeled the three media establishments as enemies of the state which he insisted that will be closed if they do not cease from being anti-republican.

The war of words between Paul Atanga Nji and the media has been regarded as a landmark diplomatic achievement to Ambazonia.

Some Ambazonians have opined that for the three media organs to have been giving a befitting coverage of French Cameroun’s atrocities in Southern Cameroons means that even la Republique du Cameroun citizens are beginning to see the mayhem which the Biya regime is wrecking on Ambazonians.

US Assistant Secretary of State on twitter writes “NGOs help feed and care for people in need if governments let them do their work according to humanitarian principles. Sad to see #Cameroon use NGOs as scapegoats, as recently done by Minister of Territorial Administration and Cameroon rep to Human Rights Council in Geneva”

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