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Kumba Protesters Go On Rampage Over Colonial Actrocities



Kumba Protesters Go On Rampage Over Colonial Actrocities

By Mbah Godlove

Some Ambazonian denizens mostly women,  in Kumba have staged a protest against the colonial City Mayor over the sealing of shops in the city.

Sources say the colonial administrative officials, on every Mondays, seal shops whose owners respect traditional ghost towns scheduled for the day.

Over two weeks after putting seals on some shops belonging to locals, disgruntled Ambazonians took to the streets Tuesday August 25 — demanding for an end to such exploitations.

It remains unclear if the regime of occupation would respect the disgruntled citizens as pressure continues to heighten.

For nearly four years, denizens of Kumba and elsewhere across Ambazonia have been carrying out acts of civil disobedience in the form of ghost towns and lockdowns as means to counter atrocities meted out on them by the Biya regime.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Felix Bongjoh

    August 26, 2020 at 9:10 PM

    Ghosts towns reflect the quiet non-violent means, by which Ambazonian citizens express their discontent over a lack of freedom attributable to the presence of repressive colonial forces in Ambazonia. These colonial intruders cannot force citizens to live in chains. It is every shopkeeper’s right to open and close his store when he likes within the legal limits of sunrise and sundown or specific hours officially designated as convenient during the day. Cameroun’s colonial government’s response by sealing shops crosses the line of individual freedoms in a country, where many are languishing in jail for no reason, their only crime being Ambazonian.

    Cameroun is going too far, as it tramples on citizens’ rights. Ambazonians reserve the right to live their lives the way they choose – in a free democracy, where the rule of law prevails over brute totalitarian forces steered by a a brutal Biya regime trying to survive through thick and thin, as Ambazonians struggle for survival. After more than half a century of subjugation, Ambazonians are determined to have it their way. And Cameroun at this stage cannot stop them until their invaded territory is completely free. Camerounian terrorists, go back to Cameroun and leave Ambazonians in peace.

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