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Ambazonia VPxxx Appoints Presidential Council






The Vice President of the interim government of Ambazonia, following the abduction of the Interim President, Sisiku AyukTabe Julius & 9 other members of his cabinet has appointed Cde Barrister Harmony Bobga-mbuton, member of the IG Judicial Department and two others to run the Presidential Council that will stir the course of the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia Revolution.


Cde Bar. Harmony Bobga-mbuton shall work in collaboration with 2 others. The announcement was made over the Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation TV station by the Under Secretary of Communications of the IG, Cde Milton Taka.

The appointments came in the backdrop of events that found the leader of the Ambazonia Revolution & 9 others were abducted at an Abuja hotel & whisked to an unknown destination. It should be noted that the appointments were primarily prompted by the fact that the Interim Vice President (identity unknown) currently resides and stirs activities on GZ and his security cannot be compromised.

Since yesterday, several social media platforms had been inundated with text & audio messages advocating & calling on the IG to immediately find an ACTING IP to fill the vacuum to stir the course of the revolution. However, the 3-man Presidential Council shall work following directives from the VP found on GZ. Power is expected to the reverted to the Interim President as soon as his release from captivity is ensured.

It should be noted that LRC du Cameroun had seen these abductions as a success to which they thought our revolution would fail. LRC’s government is taken aback as the silly move taken by the Nigerian government in connivance with the authorities of the demonic regime in Yaoundé have seriously backfired. A 3-day Ghost Towns decreed by the IG all over the territory of Ambazonia and a total schools boycott has been religiously respected by Ambazonia denizens.

LRC must know that Ambazonians are more than resolved and determined to reach an independent homeland. The Yaoundé authorities must know that Ambazonians have at least 5 successive governments-in-waiting, each ready to step in case of any eventuality.

We look forward to the Presidential Council immediately assuming power to stirring the revolution to even greater heights.
Long live the IG
Long live Ambazonia
Alluta continua!!!
Ufa Ugynns-Momo County

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