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Ambazonia Fighters In Wum Ease Tension And Show Good Faith To The Mbororo Community



mass murder scheme in ambazonia


Southern Cameroons Liberation Council-SCLC sends distress note as La Republique Engages in Civil war incitement in Ambazonia.

The council on June 4th sent out a press release titled “Yaoundé Sponsors, supervises Fulani Jihads in Southern Cameroons’, explaining the desperate attempt by the Biya regime to worsen the already bad blood bath in the territory of the Southern Cameroons.

The SCLC regrettably noted the June 3rd incidence in Wum, Capital of the Menchum County, Northern Zone, where Biya’s soldiers are on a mission to cause a civil war between the Muslims and Christian communities of that area. This is done in a frantic effort to paint the Self Defends forces black, while separating the communities to have lesser means to continuing the massacre. The intention is to win international emotions.

In videos excerpts that circulated online filmed by La Republique’s military, some Muslim boys could be seen with clubs and guns guided and carefully accompanied and encouraged by Cameroun soldiers while they destroy properties. According to them, it was in retaliation of what they Amba boys accused them of and they had to revenge for killing Muslims too. This setup is designed by the La Republique’s military intelligence to cause total chaos and animosity between both communities.

The SCLC, therefore, calls on urgent humanitarian action. “The SCLC seizes this opportunity to reiterate its earlier call for an emergency International Humanitarian Military Intervention to rescue the lives of innocent civilians in the former U.N Trust Territory of the Southern Cameroons”.

We use this platform to inform our people, whether Muslim, Christians, black or white, of all tribes in the 13 counties of Ambazonia to be vigilant of this diabolic act that has already hit Wum village. Don’t let yourself to be controlled into in house fighting while the common enemy takes delight in the whole setup. We must be watchful of La Republique’s plans to play the good guy while we suffer the effects. We must not kill or burnt houses of neighbouring villages and people of different tribes and colours.

If you live on Ambazonian soil and possess what it takes to be a national, please protect the land and its people.
Sadly we have learnt that the Arsons committed by these Fulani guys under the control of Biya’s army brought down two palaces. This should not occur. Lets protect our heritage, our culture and direct all our energy in pushing out the occupational army of Biya out of our land.

Latest report now shows that it was all a planned act from the son of the Muslim scholar (Alhadji) conniving with Cameroun soldiers who got his father killed because of land and money. The son ran to the mbororo community and lied to his people that Ambazonia fighters killed his father. That resulted in retaliation. The son has since been arrested by Ambazonia Fighters and was specially handed over to the Cameroun DO for specific and private reasons. The most reason being that should the Ambazonia fighters had dealt with him, it will only worsen the situation so they thought it wise that handing him over will show good faith to the Muslim community and ease tension based on the lie the son did

Sumelong Ekane

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  1. Jon

    June 12, 2019 at 2:06 AM

    Sumelong Ekane, this is the worst article you have written yet. The article is INSIPID, and it’s just a RAMBLE. And it BETRAYS A QUITE STUPEFYING IGNORANCE AS USUAL. It took you a full week to produce this CONCOCTED STORY, TO MAKE UP THINGS IS NOT EASY SOMETIMES.

    The burning of houses belonging to ambazombie terrorists or to their parents or those providing them with safe havens by the Mbororos (do not refer to them as Muslims because there are Mbororos or Fulani or Hausas who are Christians), was not motivated by religion. It is well acknowledged that the Mbororos have suffered much more from the onslaught of ambazombie terrorists than other groups of people in the NW and SW Regions. Many of them have been killed, beheaded, maimed, kidnapped for hefty ransoms, extorted, etc. In addition, their animals (cows, goats, sheep, etc.) have been stolen, extorted, and sometimes wantonly killed by ambazombie terrorists. The Mbororos are often labelled blacklegs and informants (informers or snitches). So, should there be a Humanitarian Military Intervention if Mbororos attack ambazombie terrorists or their command and control centres? What about if a husband has a misunderstanding with his wife, should there be a Humanitarian Military Intervention? RIDICULOUS!!! RIDICULOUS!!! RIDICULUS!!!

    The “palace” of Naikom was burned down because it was being used as a command and control centre by ambazombie terrorists. It has been alleged that the Fon of Naikom was conniving with ambazombie terrorists to extort money from the Mbororos and to kidnap them for hefty ransoms. In all probability, the Fon worked HAND IN GLOVE with the ambazombie terrorists. He has been trying to have it both ways, with the LRC and with “ambazonia”. SHAMEFUL!!!!!!

    The fact that the Alhaji died in the hands of one of his sons and some soldiers of Cameroonian Defence and Security Forces is PREPOSTEROUS, UTTERLY ABSURD. The Alhaji had other sons who are living in that compound. Where were they? What about his wife? How were the son and the soldiers to take possession of the land and money? The Post reported that the son and the soldiers killed the Alhaji to steal his cows. Now you are saying that is land and money. THE STORY DOES NOT ADD UP, DOES NOT MAKE SENSE AT ALL. IT’S A CONCOCTED OR AN INVENTED STORY BOTH BY THE POST AND YOU!!!!!!!

    The MOST LAUGHABLE thing in the story is that “ambazonia terrorists “arrested” the said man (son), AN ENEMY, A BLACKLEG, ETC. and “handed” him to the “colonial” Divisional Officer (DO). REALLY????? Since when are people arrested and handed to DOs in Cameroon? LIES!!! LIES!!! LIES!!! And since when do ambazombie terrorists “arrest” blacklegs, informants, etc. and “hand” them to the DOs????? Again, the STORY DOES NOT ADD UP. The TRUTH IS THAT NOBODY WAS ARRESTED. THE SAID SON, AND OTHER SIBLINGS MADE VIDEOS REFUTING THE FACT THAT HE WAS TAKEN INTO CUSTODY, the same day The POST newspaper ran the story. THEY COULD HAVE EVEN SUED the Post newspaper for LIBEL.

  2. Jon

    June 12, 2019 at 2:11 AM

  3. Jon

    June 12, 2019 at 2:14 AM

  4. Jon

    June 12, 2019 at 2:16 AM


  5. dingaman

    June 12, 2019 at 5:20 AM

    These Jons are real fools. Writes very long comments. Who other than other jons will reach such rubbish? this a revolutionary forum for Ambazonians.

    • Jon

      June 12, 2019 at 11:59 PM

      … READ such rubbish? AND NOT … REACH such rubbish? This IS a revolutionary forum AND NOT THIS A revolutionary forum. FOUR SHORT SENTENCES, YET RIDDLED WITH GRAMMATICAL ERRORS. BONEHEAD!!!

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