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Elie Smith asked: Why do “Francophones” want “Anglophones” Dead, but still call them their Compatriots?








Why do “Francophones” want “Anglophones” Dead, but still call them their Compatriots?

Some Genocidal Citizens of La Republic du Cameroun (LRC), want Ambazonian leaders returned to colonial Yaoundé and executed publicly to deter future revolutions in Ambazonia. They have been singing this same song on state sponsored propaganda public and private radio and television stations in their country since the abduction of our leaders.

In their political debates, they openly and publicly abused and hurled hate speeches at Ambazonians and called for genocidal execution of their leaders. Paradoxically they turned around to refer to the very people they want massacred as their compatriots. How possible is such a “compatriotship”?

These are the type of people some selfish and wicked world leaders that do not learn from history wants Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians to continue to leave with.

The bitter truth is that Ambazonians have swallowed these insults for 57 years of colonization and its about time it ended.

Ambazonian have all decided that they must be free or they die. This is the time and it has never been so timely.

Senior Ambazonian Journalist, Elie Smith, has a little advice for all the LRC colonial press houses that were preaching hate and death for Ambazonians on political talk shows yesterday.

Read below;

“Cameroon: some Francophones hate Anglophones, yet they want them in their nation.

If there is anyone doubting, my questions are simply: Did anyone watch TV yesterday? Or did anyone read cover of some French language newspapers today?

The hosts and participants of two TV programmes yesterday, one in Yaounde and the other in Douala, exuded hatred with intoxicating analysis that will negatively stick in the brain of most Anglophones and moderate Francophones, and this to a point where, when time comes for hand washing or forgiveness, it will be difficult for Anglophones to pardon or accept their apologies.

I won’t name and shame those two television stations that without shame excels in the propagation of falsehood, profanities, simply because their sponsors are those in power. But there’s always something good in bad situations. The hosts and participants in both TV stations have contributed in making the world know that, Southern Cameroonian leaders in Nigeria can’t be extradited to Yaounde.

How possible that in this 21st century people could go on air and call for public execution of fellow human beings and go unscathed? As for those print media celebrating, via their writing we all know their sources of finance.

But how can some Francophones call for the masacre of Anglophone Cameroonians, call them dogs and cockroaches and at the same time, call them their compatriots? Contradictory. But they are used to such gymnastics. They will denounce things in Ivory coast or Gabon, but accept them in Cameroon. Some Francophones have for too long minimise Anglophones because the second are law abiding and meek. They mistook meekness for weaknesses. Now , they are shocked and awed by the reaction of a people they considered as their slaves.

To all joyful Francophones, I have bad news for you, AyukTabe and his team among which there’s a woman, Nalova Bih ,won’t be extradited. Do you know why? Because, there is no extradition treaty between Nigeria and Cameroon.

Finally, AyukTabe and his team were not arrested because of the dubious international Arrest Warrant, but because of other reasons whose veracity and authenticity is under review.

If you love someone, you don’t wish him/her dead as I have been reading on social media or in print and electronic media.

Elie Smith”

James Agbor.

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