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Ambazonia forces Reopen Ndop/Bamenda Road To Enable supplies.



Ambazonia forces Reopen Ndop/Bamenda Road To Enable supplies.

Mbah Godlove.

The Ndop Bamenda stretch road is now passable after nearly 2 months of restriction owing to the ongoing war of freedom.

Earlier May 2023, Ambazonia  forces, in a tactical move, stopped the movement of vehicles along the said stretch of road.

Although the decision might have had an adverse effect on the population, it has been understood to be a necessary sacrifice intended for the freedom of Ambazonia.

After inactivity for nearly 8 weeks, the Ndop/Bamenda road is now passable.

Civilians are there for using the moment to carry out business activities and prepare in case of any future closure of the road.

This period is most productive for farmers who struggle to transport their crops to Bamenda for sale.

Denizens are, however, strongly encouraged to be on a watch to stay safe while using the road.

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