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Ambazonia Activist Response To Democratic Congresswoman Karen Bass



Mark Bareta, Ambazonia Activist Statement On The So-called Kidnapping Of Cameroun Election Actors
Ghent, Belgium: December 19, 2019.

Let it be clear that when it comes to electioneering in the Former British Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia, there is nothing like kidnapping. Ambazonia Forces do not kidnap. They do what we call arrest. As fighters defending the restoration of Southern Cameroons statehood, stopping electioneering in Ambazonia is a human right. And that means using all means possible, including arresting to halt or stop anyone involves in electioneering. Those taking part in this process only empower Cameroun Government to continue her genocide in Southern Cameroons. Their participation continues to give Cameroun the legal right to occupy and lay claims to Ambazonia. It gives French Cameroun the audacity to continue military operation in Ambazonia in the name of the people have supposedly elected their representatives. It gives Cameroun a false acceptance of a so-called one and indivisible Cameroons that includes the Ambazonia people.

Democratic Congresswoman Karen Bass should know that Ambazonia is no part of Cameroun and we have no business in their election. If we cross over the Mungos to their territory and take actions against their elections then we can be questioned. So long as Southern Cameroons is a separate country with a UN-backed international territorial integrity, with USA as one of the countries that voted for Southern Cameroons independence more than 50 years ago, then anyone crossing into Ambazonia to participate in anything called elections is an aggressor, that person is a genocide enabler, a colonialist and Ambazonia Forces shall exert all rights within their spheres and powers to arrest that individual and stop him or her from continuing to give Cameroun the leeway to massacre our people. To continue to give Cameroun a false acceptance. We will not let that happen.

The international community should be calling, intensifying and pressuring Biya to sit on the table and talk on a negotiated dialogue and settlement. They should be telling him that the only dialogue is between two peoples-Representatives of Cameroun and Ambazonia. The international community, including congresswoman Karen Bass should stop giving Mr. Biya and its military a false hope on elections. They should not in any way or form be pampering or supporting the Yaounde killers’ February elections. The international community knows how armed conflicts are resolved and must be seen to be pushing it in the right way. Their recent calls in the United Nations Security Council are good but must be complemented with bold and decisive actions.

Ambazonia lives matter as well and just like Americans who fought very hard and defended their independence with all they had, Ambazonians will do exactly the same and will never be told to sacrifice their own resistance for any political expediency.

Mark Bareta

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