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French Cameroun’s Murder of UBa Student Sparks Uproar



French Cameroun’s Murder of UBa Student Sparks Uproar

By Mbah Godlove

The apprehension and torture to death of a 26 year-old student of the University of Bamenda, UBa, by French Cameroun’s military has left his family and friends in grief.

For over 8 months, family members of Muma Ndeh Bumah went looking for him in colonial detention facilities across Bamenda, Bafoussam and Yaounde, but could not know their son’s whereabout.

So devastated at the situation, the mother of Muma Ndeh Bumah went to the colonial directorate of military service in Yaounde, but was rather referred back to Bamenda’s Arch Bishop, Andrew Nkea, for information.

The clergy, according to Mimi Mefo Infos, told Mrs. Bumah Beatrice that French Cameroun’s uniformed officers tortured and killed his son after being suspected of having links with Restoration Fighters.

Arch Bishop Andrew Nkea, going by Mrs. Bumah Beatrice, revealed that the 26 year-old was innocent of the accusations levied against him, but was still killed.

The Uba Law student was arrested in December 2020 when he was in his final year of his Bachelor of Science program.

Many an Ambazonian has however questioned why it is Bishop Andrew Nkea, and not colonial military officials who has to declare the death of the Muma Ndeh.

Meantime, the bereaved family has called on the colonial government to handover the corpse of their son for a befitting burial.

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