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Reaction: Fact-Finding Mission has been a Campaign in progress By the IG all along



Silas Atefor
Ambazonian Activist
Fan of BaretaNews.

Attn: Publisher BaretaNews

A Reaction to your Article titled “ Sisiku’s Government Endorses US-Ambazonia’s Factfinding Mission Idea”

The Fact-Finding Mission has been a Campaign in progress By the IG all along.

The IG under Sisiku’s and his collaborators initiated and have been Campaigning vigorously for an International Independent Facts Finding Mission to the Ambazonia-Cameroun Conflict ( A conflict many experts have described as the fastest-growing in Africa. Its devastation is untold, the human & financial cost unimaginable, human rights abuses shocking, and condemned by all even more so by the belligerent nations themselves, #Funny .
The root causes of the crisis being the continuous violation of international law by La Republique du Cameroun, maintaining its occupation of Ambazonia; The former UN trust territory of The Southern Cameroons can no longer be overemphasized )

Dear Publisher, in reaction to your above article, I would like to make the following points clear:
following Cameroun’s Refusal to Grant Access to the Country to UNHCR Commissioner Last Year, The Campaign for a UN Fact-Finding Mission Started.

It was later reinforced officially with the Gi3C ( Global Initiative to End Cameroons Colonial Conflict ) resolution tabled to the UN early this year;
A petition to the 40th Session of the UN Human Rights Council, here is the petition and the organizations which signed up

In April & September Mark Bareta, it was again emphasized in Geneva & New York officially. It was again proposed as a draft to be added to Congresswoman Karen Bass’s HR 358 bill but not considered.

Thereafter, an Ambazonian Advocacy Team worked during the Ambazonian Advocacy day organized in DC where over 30 Senate offices where stormed and the same case amongst others tabled.

And here is the website for more details on how the campaign evolved on gi3c


Just to site these few instances

So, Bareta News will be nourishing its audience with more information as well as doing the struggle a favor by giving this full picture.

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