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Ambalanders Storm Prophet TB Joshua Church To Pray For New Nation








Two Southern Cameroonians storm Synagogue Church with Amba Flags to Pray for the New Nation

It is crystal clear that the year 2017/2018 is a transitional year for the Cameroons and the unfolding events are testimony to this fact. While all the visible signs and symptoms on ground show that it is a year of revolution and liberation for the 56 years enslaved people of Southern Cameroons by La Republique du Cameroon, there are others who believe that it is a year of reformation for a better nation within the context of a unified Cameroons polity. It is therefore on these basis that the citizens are playing their individual roles physically or spiritually to the realization of what they want to see – a better Cameroun for unionist and a Free Ambazonia for Southern Cameroons Nationalists.

Southern Cameroons Christians believe that that it is the year of the LORD to free them from the shackles of Yaound√©’s colonial tendencies and so it is common to hear them often say “it is a GOD ordained Struggle” and so freedom must not be compromised. For the first time in 56 years, Southern Cameroonians have resisted for more than one year, with much energy still to go on and on in a quest for their freedom. This can only be an act of God.

Consequently, as those for physical ground action try to up their resistance through continuous school boycotts, ghost towns and self-defense, those who are strong in Christian spiritual warfare are also seeking all spiritual avenues to drive home their case. After all, one of the revolutionary leaders Comrade Tassang Wilfred had said that the struggle is 80% spiritual and 20% physical.

Last Sunday was therefore dramatic at the Synagogue Church of Nations, Lagos, Nigeria, when two Ambazonians (male and female) stormed the 30.000 seating capability auditorium of the church waving Amba flags during Prophet TB Joshua’s call for mass prayer for All Nations of the world. The service was streamed and monitored on live television at all over the world.


Ambazonians dancing in Church

In spiritual language, the two Ambazonians were probably petitioning GOD to honour his word through His many servants, who have spoken about the impending fall of Yaounde and imminent freedom for Southern Cameroons. It is also important to note that the General Overseer of the SCOAN, Prophet TB Joshua is alleged to have in 2015 predicted the Independence restoration of Southern Cameroons to two mercy seeking Southern Cameroonian journalists, who had visited his church in Lagos and used that opportunity to seek GOD’s opinion on the future of Southern Cameroonians within the Cameroons.

As a nation that recognizes the authority of GOD, it is our believe that all combined forces – physical and spiritual are needed to free the homeland. As traders, parents and students/pupils continue to enforce the Ghost towns and schools boycott, our prayer warriors from all angles must also intensify their supplications to GOD for the Freedom of Ambazonian, while the self-defense groups look for best ways to inflict pain on the occupier.

By Agbor James, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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