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Southern Cameroons Men of God Declare Spiritual War Against the Biya Regime



Men of God

Southern Cameroons Men of God Declare Spiritual War Against the Biya Regime

The gruesome murder of two Men of God by the terrorist forces of the Yaounde regime, the same week two Grand masters (One of which is the leader of a well-known occult group, AMORC – Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crossae, a leading branch of the Rosicrucian order) were in Yaoundé, under the open invitation of the blood sucking dictator Paul Biya is no coincidence. Consequently, different Men of God across Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia, seem to have now concluded that Praying for God to change the stony and blood thirsty heart of Paul Biya is a prayer without justification. They now believe that God must take away the stubborn Pharaoh and his band of blood suckers for the people of Israel to be safed.

And so yesterday’s Sunday services in many Christian gatherings across Ambazonia, especially in Pentecostal and Charismatic gatherings were characterized by a lot of anti-occult/mystical and anti-demonic preaching and prayers. Even in gatherings that are traditionally known to be solemn in their activities, one could sense a spiritually radical atmosphere emanating from there yesterday sunday.

In what can be described as an exercise of righteous anger, the clergy men and women led their congregants into serious casting and binding of blood sucking occult demons and raining down Holy Ghost Fire on occultic governments and regimes that have refused to submit to the voice of God but bent on drinking the blood of innocent citizens. They were certainly referring to the ongoing conflict between Ambazonia and La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) and the visibly heartless and occultic position of the Yaoundé dictator, Paul Biya.

In one of the gatherings in Bamenda, Capital city of the Northern zone of Ambazonia, BaretaNews reporter from his home overheard one of the preachers of a nearby church on loud speakers preaching to his congregation.

“…when you see a government starts inviting occultic grand masters into the country in broad day-light, know that their doom is near. What I know is that the occult world is a closed system and not an open system. There is danger when they openly come into a nation and are granted audiences on state television and their flags hoisted within the nation…”

“Dear people of GOD, we have prayed for this government for God to give them direction on how to resolve this problem but it’s like we have been wasting our time praying for people whose hearts have been hardened… we have seen them in meetings with high profile Men of God in this country, but from the events of the past days, we see that they are not ready to listen to God or draw closer Him. I don’t want to believe that those Men of God they invited into meetings did not tell them the right things… they have just decided to be like Pharaoh… they are now bringing in occultic grandmasters to help them”

“Did you notice the visits of the grand masters claimed the lives of two Men of God? Please don’t look at what is happening from the physical realm. All what is happening is purely spiritual… if you are privilege to see what I see, you’ll understand… this is bloodshed, this is the blood of the innocent they want to drink now…we must use our authority in Christ Jesus to kill them all before they kill the innocent people… it is now a spiritual battle, fire for fire…God cannot afford to fail us … He has promised us victory”

The Christian faithful across the Southern zone of Ambazonia reported a similar Sunday atmosphere, especially in the main cities of Kumba, Buea and Victoria. The eyes and ears of BaretaNews in Buea report of serious war-fare prayers during Sunday services in churches.

In one of such Sunday services in Buea monitored on live television across the world, the Servant of God led his congregation on a series of prayers for the nation while on their knees. They prayed for GOD to forgive the sins of the nation, its leaders and forefathers. They also prayed against blood sucking demons in the country and above all for the WILL of God to be done in the land.

The prayer session was concluded with instructions to the Christians to pray with Psalms 91 and 121 from yesterday Sunday 22 right up to Wednesday 25.

The spiritual atmosphere across Ambazonia is therefore very tense, as both sides of the spiritual (the prayers of Christians and the clergy and the incantations of the occult Yaoundé regime) engage each other in the spirit. At the end of the day, Justice must prevail. GOD, being a GOD of JUSTICE will certainly deliver the Ambazonian people from the hands of Pharaoh.

In a war that is based on a PEOPLE’s quest for JUSTICE, the prayers of the people shall prevail over INJUSTICE and the GOD of Ambazonia shall use every foolish thing, including the African Odeshi to defeat the incantations of any grand master that seek to keep the people in bondage.


James Agbor


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