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Agony, Outrage in Bafut LGA as Colonial Soldiers Put Hundreds of Civilians in Harm’s Way



Agony, Outrage in Bafut LGA as Colonial Soldiers Put Hundreds of Civilians in Harm’s Way

By Mbah Godlove

A moment of grief and uncertainty prevails in Bafut LGA, Mezam County, as reports emerge of actions by colonial soldiers that have left hundreds of residents in a precarious situation.

Following the attack and killing of the reputable leader and commander, General Alhadji of the Bafut Seven Quatar Squad, French Cameroun forces have reportedly utilized his phone to target and endanger local civilians.

Sources within Bafut have disclosed that the late commander’s phone contacts are being exploited to track and apprehend ordinary citizens.

“They call and tell you there is a pressing issue about you, and you go, thinking they are freedom fighters. Before you know it, you are arrested and killed if luck is not on your side,” revealed a local with deep insights into the situation.

According to our sources, over 250 residents have been ensnared using this strategy, with the fate of some individuals remaining uncertain.

While urging locals to exercise vigilance in responding to phone calls, the freedom fighters are reportedly working to dismantle the trap that has plunged civilians into panic.

In the meantime, families of those who have been detained are engaged in tireless efforts to secure the release of their loved ones amidst the unfolding crisis.

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