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Canadian Process: SOCADEF Leader Dr. Ebenezer Akwanga Calls For Vigilance and Support



Welcome to the very difficult but possible and only path to a #JustAndLastingPeace. The guiding principle of our engagement in these talks is that there won’t be any concessions until a comprehensive peace agreement is reached, and there won’t be peace without justice.
We would like to express our profound gratitude to Switzerland and Canada for their efforts in bringing La République du Cameroun to the table of talks. We thank the Humanitarian Dialogue Center (HD) of Switzerland for years of relentless work in turning an idea into reality, placing the necessity for a Permanent Positive Peace top on the agenda in all its consultations.
We thank NOREF for its role as an early riser in recognizing that a JUST PEACE settlement is the only route towards a permanent solution to the aspirations of our people. As for the Center for Dialogue and Negotiation (CDN), we appreciate you with a mighty thank you for the quiet but steady role you have played and continue to play, positively impacting the outcome we have today. For AGoVC/ADF, ACT, IG-CARE and Consortium, every APLMER and SOCADEFIAN salutes your courage, tenacity and sacrifices during these months of very tough and at times contentious discussions. History will keep your efforts alive. And for La Republique du Cameroun, thank you for the courage you mustered to engage in this process.
We are calling on all freedom fighters to join the peace process while remaining mobilised for our struggle, and on all Ambazonian leaders to join the process for the sake of our people and our future as a nation.
The difficult work is about to begin.
Dr. Ebenezer Akwanga


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