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Like Son Like Mother: Ambazonia Chris Anu’s Mother Stuns Cameroun Court




“How Many Cameroons Are There?” That is the loaded question the mother of Ambazonia Republic’s Campaigner Mama Grace Anu fired at the military judge in Yaounde.

It was supposed to be their fourth Habeas Corpus hearing in Yaoundé High Court. But this was only her first time in court since Mama Anu and daughter Beza Berist were arrested in August. Until this day, Tuesday, November 12, all attempts by lawyers to have an expedited hearing in previous sessions were stonewalled with laughable excuses from the court, leading to four straight adjournments.

Last Tuesday, however, things were a little bit different. Unlike in previous court sessions, this time mama Anu and daughter Berist were brought to court, however, not to answer charges relating to their arrest, but to demand their own freedom and reasons they have been locked up since August 4th under severe torture.

Obviously, this is the reason why mama Anu couldn’t wait to ‘cross-examine’ the judge all by herself. In an instant, while one of her lawyers was still making a deposition to the judge, mama Anu jumped up from her seat, excused the lawyer before asking the judge “I wan for ask you say na how many Cameroon e dey?” (How many Cameroons are there?) Both the audience and the judge were stunned, the protocol is broken with the court erupting into laughter before the judge quieted everyone.

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