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500 CPDM Militants Rise Against Ekema Patrick, Buea Mayor



Over 500 militants of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM, of Buea Central I Sub-section, have accused Mayor Patrick Ekema Esunge, of molestation, torture and abuse of power. The militants rose against the Mayor, who is also a militant of the Sub-section during a conference held in Buea recently.

In the resolutions that were adopted at the end of the conference the party militants wrote; “following the 10 months molestation and torture of a Senior Buea Council Official and he YCPDM Sub-section President of Buea Central I, Comrade Hans Monono Manga, we have resolved that the Mayor of Buea, Comrade Patrick Ekema Esunge, who is also a militant from Buea Central I, should immediately stop this abuse of power, which hitherto had been condemned by the Human Rights, Labour and other structures; the Sub-section called on the CPDM Mayor to settle his 10 months salary and to stop attempting to incriminate him,” partly read the resolution.

Militants of the Sub-section also warned the Mayor and other comrades to refrain from disrespecting elders, instigating riots and violence in the Municipality and tagging other party militants as black legs. “Everyone has the right to militate freely.” The executive members of the Sub-section also urged all party militants to respect party hierarchy and end the animosity that has split the party into warring factions.

They were equally appalled by the epileptic power supply by ENEO and urged the power company to augment its services before the commencement of the Women African Cup of Nations. Still, in the social domain, the CPDM sympathisers also decried the acute water shortage in the Sub-section and called on CAMWATER to adopt an equitable rationing policy in order to quench the thirst of the population.

To them, the precious liquid should be extended to neighbourhoods like Wonya Emongo and Komboni that have never had water. Meanwhile, with the rampant grabbing and selling of land, even ancestral sites, the CPDM executive of Buea Central I Sub-section resolved to meet quarter heads to allocate land for the construction of community halls, playgrounds, health centres and Government primary schools, which they said Government needs to give the Sub-section.

In the agricultural domain, the Sub-section saw the need for the creation of cooperatives for youths who have acquired skills in training centres such as Cameroon Industrialisation Opportunity Centre, COIC, the Intensive Vocational Training Centre, IVTC, and Women Empowerment Centre among others. Militants of the party were unanimous that the cracks within the party left behind by the reorganisation exercise of the party need to be mended before they are chased out of Buea during the 2018 elections.

By Isidore Abah, culled from the Post.

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