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Buea Prison: 4 Inmates Murdered, 75 Wounded, Lawyers Demands Whereabouts



Southern Cameroons Congress



Lawyers defending Anglophone detainees, incarcerated within the context of the on-going crisis in English-speaking regions of Cameroon, are demanding the whereabouts of three corpses of inmates shot dead on July 23 at the Buea Central Prison.

The lawyers are also demanding access to the inmates, after they have been persistently denied access, following prison riots, when many were allegedly killed after live ammunition was used on the protesting inmates.

This comes as a result of investigations launched by lawyers to uncover details of the incident that transpired at the Buea Central Prison. The lawyers have revealed that they have, so far, ascertained that four inmates were killed, and 75 others wounded when the military opened fire on them on July 23.

Talking to The Post, Barrister Henry Njong, one of the lawyers defending the detainees, said the prison administration has denied him access to his clients, demanding that he goes through various bureaucratic channels to be granted access; a practice, which, he says, is not the procedure.

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