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Ambazonia “Freedom” Fighters Rank Increasing, says residents





The population in Bamenda are blaming the Cameroonian Military for an increased number of Amba Fighters in the Region.

John Njong resident in Mankon, said youths have been joining Amba Fighters on a daily basis.

This, to him, is because of the seizure and burning of commercial bikes which served as a source of employment for the youths, by military personnel.

He furthered that the act frustrates many young people, prompting them to join “Amba boys” with the motive of revenge.

Also, Njong noted that the torture given innocent civilians by the military and the seizing of their belongings has also helped in adding the number of Amba boys in Bamenda.

“The quest for revenge drives most youths into desperation, these terrible acts by the military only fuel anger and swell the ranks of separatist fighters” Njong surmised.

According to Belta Bih, the burning of houses by the Cameroonian military has prompted most youths to join the Amba Fighters.

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