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Cameroun Is Defeated: The World Must Now Rally For Ambazonia Recognition- Cho Ayaba





My Fellow Ambazonians,

A few months back, I did categorically state that Cameroun has been defeated and that it was time for Ambazonia to be recognized. A few months before then, we did also make it clear that Ambazonia was ungovernable and that Cameroun has lost political control and political legitimacy. We also argued that we have successfully increased the cost of the occupation to outweigh its benefits and by so doing have eliminated the incentive for Cameroun’s continuous presence.

You must also be reminded that a few months ago we declared international contenderhood status and argued that because Cameroun was no longer in charge, it was unable to resolve the conflict. Consequently, the international community had to step in. This was exactly the outcome our strategy was designed to achieve. We became officially a party to the conflict and a stakeholder in determining its outcome. Cameroun finally lost the ability to solely determine the outcome and decide on our fate. The world is still struggling on how to tell Cameroun that it is game over. First, they began by describing us as Anglophones in order to make the conflict a linguistic issue; then as NW/SW of Cameroun in order to sooth Cameroun’s ego and fear of our recognition; now they call us pro independent groups; one step away from facing the ultimate reality.

My fellow people,
I bring these reminders for you to be aware that we are not here by accident. Be reminded that we come from a background where each time we are not aware of things, we simply say ‘its God’. Yes, it is God-ordained through his messengers imbued with His infinite wisdom to change their faith and to fulfill their dreams.

We are at a critical intersection of our war of independence. One way leads to total chaos with the unrealistic and unsustainable recognition of Cameroun as the only stabilizing authority. The other way leads to a sustainable recognition of Ambazonia as the only stabilizing reality. Be reminded that the defeat of Cameroun has created a sort of vacuum. This vacuum can be filled by either force for good like that shown by our discipline forces or for evil like that shown by the army of Cameroun. Which forces end up prevailing in that space will be determined by two actions. Strong political leadership that rallies our people to call on the international system to recognize our state and to help us set up a transitional authority to begin the reconstruction of burnt down homes, resettle IDPs and to bring back a sense of security within our community. A well-disciplined and well-equipped defense force that can outrightly achieve both dynamic and static control under political leadership that is respected by the international system as strong enough to fill that vacuum and stabilize The Gulf of Guinea.

That is why building a strategic alliance and expanding our traditional alliances to project power and confidence is critical. In the past weeks’ consultations between Sisiku and myself have taken place. This has led to a physical meeting with comrade Yerima. The meeting was very cordial and respectful. Yesterday l asked for authorization from the Joint organs of the National Council and Council of Missions representing AGOVCs across the globe to pursue these consultations deeper. I presented my case why we need a broader strategic alliance to gain recognition. AGOVCs are naturally inclined to protecting their brand and the grassroots are not comfortable with any working relationship with very politicized partners. Strong feelings, outright rejection, and reservations were expressed. In the end, the vote went in favor to authorize leadership to pursue these talks and return to both houses with any understanding for permission to implement. We have entered into such understandings before with the signing of the Washington agreement with others and Dr. Sako. The AGOVC gives priority to its alliance with its ARCC members and any other understanding will have to be in sync with the understanding of its traditional coalition partners. That is why I have always briefed the Chairlady of ARCC on these talks and will continue to do so.
My fellow soldiers of our War of Independence,

We have come too close to allow that space to be filled by dark forces. Each time you hear of negotiations at this stage of a war of independence, be aware that they are primarily tailored to protect the status quo. How you conduct yourself will determine whether you are seen as a credible alternative to the system or an opportunist looking for a way out. So far we have conducted ourselves well and have forced the powers that be to begin to recognize reality. We must take it a step further; build a powerful block that projects certainty and confidence in our stance and trust in our international partners. And to ask every facilitator or mediator to seek and receive a UN General Assembly Resolution. We will insist on this.

In the coming week, I will begin a worldwide Mobilisation and Education Campaign to realign Ambazonia focused on the strategies that are needed to get us over the line; Protecting our Civilian population, increasing our defense capabilities. I will in the coming weeks and months be in Canada, South Africa, the USA, Belgium, and Sweden. Ambazonians must realize that the fight for independence is a political fight that embraces different strategies to achieve both short and long term objectives designed to foster the overall outcome of freedom from tyranny and oppression. Everything you do and say or chose not to do or say must work towards having an impact and to get you closer to your objectives. In wars of independence, there are No experiments. That is why leaders need to have a solid team of seasoned collaborators who are the best in the art to prevent them into excited excesses and to guide them achieve their strategic orientation as leaders. In this business, there are no we got so close. These are called losers.

Fellow soldiers,
Schools will be remained closed in the entire territory of Ambazonia. We are the authority of the land. Cameroun must understand that we have the right and possibilities to also shut down schools within Cameroun and we are considering that possibility.
We have demonstrated to the world and Cameroun that we are a different generation from the Fonchas. That we can rise up in their prisons and shut it down. Have their colonial governors constantly in a bulletproof vest and on the run; get their enablers acting as senators and parliamentarians to escape; determine when our schools will open and determine when to shut down our country and when to open it. This is a demonstration of power and this is what is needed to be Free. Thank you for being part of this amazing journey. Let us continue to arm our Ground Forces and strengthen GZ Contenderhood.
Dr. Cho Ayaba

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