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Ambazonia Forces Declare September Shut Down, Call On UN To Intervene For Safe Schools





Ambazonia Forces have all agreed to shut down Ambazonia to the prelude of September schools resumption. Ambazonia Forces are calling on the United Nations to intervene in Southern Cameroons, creating safe zones before schools can resume in Ambazonia. Forces under the Ground Zero Defense Council have this to say:


Fellow Ambazonians,
Accept Revolutionary greetings from GZ.

The Ambazonia Freedom Fighters (AFF) of GZDC also known as the Ambazonia Defence Council (ADC) wish to notify Ambazonians both on GZ and in the Diaspora that we have decided to shutdown the entire territory of Ambazonia from Monday the 2nd to Friday the 6th of September, 2019 and from Monday the 9th to Friday the 13th of September, 2019. The shutdown in our territory is imposed for the following reasons;

i) Our territory is not safe for effective school resumption since the president of French Cameroon has refused to end the war which he himself declared against Southern Cameroonians and due to heavy gunshots between the Forces and the military, our children are caught in the cross-fire.

ii) Most of the houses in rural areas have been razed by the military including entire villages. As such all the children who are to be in school are taking refuge in the bushes for safety against the barbaric military of French Cameroon.

iii) Most of the bikes transporting our children to school in rural areas have also been burnt by the military of French Cameroon and the Bike Riders are as well killed making it difficult for our children to reach the few schools not razed by the military and also making our children vulnerable to summary executions as it has often been the case on a daily basis.

Communique from GZDC

iv) The military has fully invaded the urban areas where schools can resume and because of the atrocities and collective punishment they carry out on a daily basis, our children have the fear of even going to school.

v) Rumours have it that the government of French Cameroon has arranged for young military personnel to pose as students on campuses this academic year whereby they will carry out other secret human rights violations and blame it on the freedom fighters just to deceive the international community.

vi) Many of the schools have been ransacked by the French Cameroon military and they have stolen most of the items and equipment used in teaching our children.

vii) Finally, the French Cameroon Military break into homes and kill even babies of four months old like in the case of Muyuka where baby Martha was shot lying on the bed. We, therefore, advise parents to relocate their children out of Ambazonia for security purposes.

Consequently for schools to effectively resume in Southern Cameroons, we urge the International Community to use its powers that be to impose a ceasefire on our territory since the President of French Cameroon has vehemently refused to heed to the call of a ceasefire and an unconditional dialogue be put in place between the two warring parties supervised by the International Community. Until after negotiations between the parties are done, the environment will never be suitable for effective school resumption.

We all love our children to go back to school but we can’t sacrifice their lives for schooling. For most of us who care about the lives of our children, we can relocate them to safer zones where schooling is effective, probably out of Southern Cameroons.
After all, it’s better to be alive than to go to school – (Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine.)

Long live the Federal Republic of Ambazonia
Short live the revolution.


Secretary-General, GZDC

Spokesman, GZDC

– The United Nations Organisation ( UNO)
– The organization of African Union ( OAU)
– The European Union (EU)
– The United States of America (USA)
– Other Member Countries of the United Nations.



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