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The Right To School Return Is Not Same As Right To Education-Dr Ayaba Cho








Fellow Ambazonians, since Cameroun launched its infamous campaign to blackmail our people about its love for our education, I have consulted widely with other leaders, stakeholders, activists and a cross section of our people on GZ and commanders of our forces. Based on the facts as previously explained, we have concluded that those who denied us proper education, refused to listen to our teachers, kidnapped them and have now sentenced 4 university professors to life in jail; sentenced Deacon Tassang, the vanguard of our educational system to life in jail; caused the displacement of hundreds of thousands of our people and murdered students and teachers CANNOT claim to love the education of our children more than us.

Based on these assessments we have concluded that the right to ‘school return’ is not the same as the right to education and cannot disregard the right to personal security and the right to life. Only an Ambazonian Government duly constituted and that has the best interest of our people at heart can establish the kind of educational system that will guarantee an outcome that gives hope to students and parents.

My fellow citizens, Cameroun has lost the war it declared against us. It has lost political control and political legitimacy. Its murderers on our streets can no longer govern us. That is why we have asked the World to recognize Ambazonia and to help us set up a Transitional Authority that will speedily bring back life within our towns and open schools. After consulting with Commanders and political leaders, it is imperative for us to act. I am therefore throwing my full support behind the lockdown called for the 2nd to the 6th of September. This lockdown will show Cameroun and the world that the Ambazonian People have taken charge of their destiny and have totally rejected any PRESCRIPTION from a terrorist regime that sentences its leaders to life in jail.

We understand the pain in GZ. I spent 9 months under GHOST TOWNS during the 90s, spent 15 months living as a fugitive between March of 1997 and June of 1998. So, I get it. That is why I rarely call for lockdowns. Lockdowns are not a war tactic. They are a pinpoint strategic statement of authority shown by the PEOPLE. They must be short, focused and effective. It is the only way that we as a people demonstrate our collective resistance against the tyranny of Cameroun. It reminds us constantly that we are at war. It conscientizes our people not to forget those who have died and why they died. It allows our people to show solidarity to those who have no life in jail or have 7 days a week, 365 days a year lockdown in the bushes fighting with GUNS. If any leader calls for a reasonable lockdown, we should all support it. We should not publicly oppose it even when we disagree with it. But when lockdowns are called, and others call other lockdowns which are unreasonably long, we find this problematic to our collective efforts.

My fellow people, I will be live on Sunday to explain the relationship between these targeted short and pinpointed lockdowns and the recognition request that we are now advancing. You will be able to know why civil society actions coupled with self-defense actions is critical at this moment. We the people have vanquished the tyranny of a distant Country. We know where we are. We know what we need to do. Trust in our gut feelings and the strategic triad approach that has informed our collective strife thus far.

God bless Ambazonia.

Dr. Cho Ayaba
August 23, 2019

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