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Refrain from asking our enemy about us – Abdukarim Ali Responds To US Congress Woman



Refrain from asking our enemy about us – Abdukarim Ali Responds To US Congress Woman

By Mbah Godlove

Fire Brand Muslim Scholar and Ambazonian activist, Abdulkarim Ali, has exhorted US Congress Woman, Karen Bass to refrain from seeking information about the Ambazonian quest of independence from the Yaounde colonial regime. In a Facebook outing – a response to Karen Bass, recently, the Ambazonian genius, debunked Karen Bass’s allegations that southern Cameroons independence struggle is unfounded.

While appreciating the efforts of the US people’s representative, toward putting an end to the Biya declared war, Abdulkarim qualified Bass’s alterances about the people’s struggle as an inference stating, she “lack the right primary source material from which to draw any viable and correct conclusions.”

“During your visits to Yaounde, you didn’t fulfill the acceptable procedure of information gathering (visiting the Southern Cameroons and talking to activists,victims and opinion leaders on the ground).” Abdulkarim reminded the knowledgeable Karen Bass. While drawing the Congress Woman’s attention to the fact that neutrality in the face of injustice is injustice, the daring Abdukarim, from the highest point of accadmic intellect, respectfully submitted his disaproval of Bass’s last visit to French Cameroun.

“We understand you were precluded by enablers from pursuing the noble course of talking to the people of Southern Cameroons. You will agree as an academic that you are that, it is totally unacedamia to make inferences without engaging the people on the ground.” The learned believer of Allah, raised his case. He added that Southern Cameroonians are not terrorists as much as George Washington or Thomas Jefferson were not.

To him, Southern Cameroonians have been under siege for 58 years and war was declared on them 2 years ago.”All we are doing is defend our Mothers, fathers,children from being slaughtered by the military.” He stated, indicting the occupational forces of La Republique du Cameroun (who have killed over 15000 Ambazonians).

The people of Ambazonia, Abdukarim outlined, have nothing to hide. “when the fact finding missions come in, let them ask us about us and then you shall make conclusions.” He challenged, requesting the goodwill Congress member to “Refrain from asking our enemy about us.” With all the misleading facts, Abdukarim cautioned that kareen Bass should “Please keep up the good work and don’t allow bad elements to drag the reputation of your office to the gutters”

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