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Sako IG Faction Releases Audit Executive Summary

The Interim Government faction of Dr. Samuel Sako who doubles as the acting leader of its organization has released the much-awaited audit statements from the organization from the time it was whole before splitting into two. BaretaNews has gone through the documents, we will be making public the executive summary as well as highlights of any strategic important issues coming from the three different PDF files statements circulating in groups. BaretaNews will want to first and foremost state that it is a step ahead for this process to be done despite that it is coming from a long political turmoil of demands, sabotage, manipulations, lies peddling, etc. The IG groups have come out as the ONLY organization or group so far which has made its records public away from the eyes of their subscribed supporters and then subject itself to auditing though still internal. On that note only, they should be applauded. Now, what did the executive summary of the Sako IG Faction Audit Committee (SIFAC) says?

1. It focuses on the MTTB and Citizen Levy

2. They declared that because of the lack of reliable data, no forensic audit was performed to substantiate any FRAUD

3. 13 persons constituted the audit team from 13 counties with a background in accounting, project management, cost accounting, auditing and controls, engineering economics, etc. 2 of the 13 persons are chattered accountants. The audit committee also had 5 facilitators who are all members in the Sako IG Faction cabinet

4. They complain of setbacks and challenges. Some of the challenges are:

A. The refusal of key members from the other IG Faction (Yerimah) to testify and/or provide access and explanations to key accounts under their control such as Caleche Bongo, Brado Tabenyang and Helen Akonji.
B. Inability to access bank statements
C. Absence of complete financial statements from all accounts
D. No Evidence or confirmation documents regarding Ambazonia Foundation and Ambazonia Consulting
E. Inability to access QuickBooks from the department of Finance and Economy

5. They interviewed 22 persons successfully although, in the absence of verifiable documentation from them, they provided valuable testimonies and recommendations

6. In conclusion, the Sako IG Faction Audit committee (SIFAC) says the new mission for the IG group will be to reconnect with the Ambazonia people and renewed vision to embrace change through improvement and not people. SIFAC recommends the following then:

A. Appointing an Accounting General who is apolitical and purely technical person answerable to their parliament. Someone who prepares the IG group finances for external auditing

B. Retrieving all financial information from IG group cabinet members

C. Put in place the effective operational procedure in budgeting

D. Implement an efficient income-generating tool, expenditure and monitoring tool.

This SIFAC summary has been compiled by BaretaNews on Sunday, July 7th, 2019 by Mark Bareta, CEO BaretaNews. Stay tuned for more information on SIFAC

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. patrick tabetando

    July 15, 2019 at 6:54 PM

    No lies telling should be tolerated: the fact that news of mis-use of tax payers money for the war effort has unfolded all the culprits should resign and other people take over. That is democaracy. The culprits will have to repay what they never sent to ground zero. We have enough sharp brains. The IG and other groups are institutions in our time of war and are so for now; While institutions are “statures” ,the people serving in them always come and go. Sisesikou,Sako and others can go when need be if the truth has to prevail for an Ambaland of milk and honey. Ground zero should always make proposals for reshuflement of functions and length of tenue(function) in any function.Institutions are no personal property. Changes change society if past lessons are included in future administration of governance.

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