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Fear And Panic In Muea As Colonial Soldiers Crack Down On Civilian Population



mass murder scheme in ambazonia

Fear And Panic In Muea As Colonial Soldiers Crack Down On Civilian Population

By Mbah Godlove

Inhabitants of Muea, a locality in the outskirt of Buea have been in fear after colonial soldiers raided the neighborhood.

Earlier this Monday, March 14, dozens of colonial soldiers entered Muea, wreaking havoc on the local population.

Sources say homes were ramshackle and residents who were unable to comply with the brutal forces of occupation were tortured

Several people were arrested and taken to the colonial police station where they paid huge sums of money to secure their release.

BarataNews understands such inhumane activities are common in the area as French Cameroun forces continue to use the ongoing war if independence as a medium to extort money from ordinary Ambazonians.

“We are tired of gendarme and police torture. I don’t why they come after us instead of fighting the boys,” a victim lamented.

The people say living under such cruel conditions only reminds them of what their ancestors went through in the hands of the Germans during the colonial period.

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