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NIGERIA Shall Regret the Betrayal of Ambazonian Leaders after Total Restoration of Independence








NIGERIA Shall Regret the Betrayal of Ambazonian Leaders after Total Restoration of Independence

The ailing administration of Mohamadu Buhari, on Monday 5th February, 2018, made assurances to the colonial regime of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) that it is determined to deal with “secessionist” forces attempting to use Nigerian territory to destabilize its West African neighbor. This probably should be why the colonial forces of LRC have repeatedly raided neighboring Nigerian communities to conduct operations in which locals citizens and Ambazonian refugees are kidnapped and taken to far away Yaoundé.

In his first public statement after staging an international kidnap of the President of the interim government of Ambazonia, Sissiku Ayuk-Tabe and 46 others, in an Abuja Hotel on the 5th of January, 2018, Buhari’s National Security Adviser (NSA), Mohammed Babagana Mongunu, assured colonial agents in a cross-border security meeting that;
“President Muhammadu Buhari assures you that we will take all the necessary measures, within the ambit of the law, to ensure that Nigeria’s territory is not used as a staging area to destabilize another friendly sovereign country,” Question: Were Ambazonian leaders illegal immigrants in Nigeria? Was their kidnap and incommunicado detention within the ambit of the law? Or was their deportation to LRC within the ambit of local and international laws?

Babagana Mongunu added that, both the colonial President Paul Biya and the entire people of LRC have the backing of Buhari in their fight to cage the Ambazonian Revolution. It is therefore not surprising that, he could stage an international kidnap of Ambazonian revolutionary leaders with the complicity of the colonial regime in broad day light. Worst of it is that, Babagana held the leaders incommunicado for several weeks before illegally deporting them to the rogue and lawless state of LRC to continue the process of persecution, violating all local laws and international human right treaties Nigeria has ever signed.

In an attempt to spice his assurances of support to LRC with some Ambazonian ingredients, Buhari’s NSA during the meeting edged the colonial regime to engage Ambazonians in constructive dialogue in order to resolve the crisis. With such a call after kidnapping the same people who have been calling for dialogue and even asking the Nigerian State to facilitate dialogue with LRC, one begin to wonder if dialogue in such a conflict often starts with the kidnapping and illegal deportation of representatives of the people with whom the said dialogue is to take place.

Considering the fact that Nigeria is well conversant with the historical truths and the admissibility of the facts relating to the claims by Ambazonians, and mindful of the potential investment benefits a free Ambazonia could offer Nigeria; it therefore becomes very shameful that the Daura born Fulani Herdsman and President, Mohamadou Buhari, will allow himself and the Nigerian state to be rubbed in the mud of re-colonization and assimilation by France and LRC, because of ego and long throat for a few bags of dollars, at the detriment of the Nigerian State. Is it because the victims here are Southern Cameroonians and NOT Northern Cameroonians? Of course, BaretaNews is told that a true Mohammadu Buhari is an ethnic and regional bigot, whose own map of Nigeria runs but from Sokoto to Kaduna State. The rest of Southern Nigeria to him is a farm where the food to feed his northern hegemony comes from.

Whether the assurances of Buhari’s NSA to the colonial Yaoundé regime are diplomatically genuine or not, Ambazonians have taken it to be a true position of the Buhari Administration. This of course has been proven by their collaboration with the colonialists to execute the biggest international kidnap ever in history. They did not only kidnap Ambazonian leaders who have been in Nigeria for years and make tangible contributions to the Nigerian Higher Education and business sectors, they also ridiculed the Nigerian state before the international community by deporting the leaders for execution by Yaoundé, without recourse to due process and the rule of law.

Ambazonia shall be FREE FROM COLONIAL LRC, not by the will of Nigeria, France, or LRC, but by the WILL OF GOD AND THE DETERMINATION AND FOCUSED DRIVEN ACTIONS OF THE AMBAZONIAN PEOPLE. Ambazonia shall be free and shall stand out as a truly independent country, void of dictates from any country that may want to claim to have been the main facilitator of the freedom process. Ambazonians were seeing Nigeria as the elder brother who could facilitate this process and gain favour from Ambalanders. But, by the singular action of staging an international kidnap and deportation of revolutionary leaders to their enemies, making assurances to the enemy of their support to fight 8 Million Ambalanders, Nigeria has excreted on her omelets, almost ready to be served.

James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst.

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