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Cameroon MPs Are The Laziest- Fulbright Scholar



A Cameroonian Fulbright scholar has disclosed that the laziest set of persons in the Cameroons are the MPs which Cameroonians elected to represent them in the National Assembly.

The Fulbright scholar, Mr. Ivo Tapang made the disclosure in his official Facebook account. He wrote:

“…The laziest people in Cameroon are its MPs. Terrible bills are passed in parliament or even imposed by the executive without parliament’s approval. Yet, the MPs sit tight on huge salaries and allowances without doing anything. Most MPs representing rural communities now live in capital cities. In fact, they visit their village only during elections to engage in clientelism — paying for votes through gifts.

Then we have another set of lazy villagers or voters who can’t flog these MPs when they come around visiting. Their roads are always bad like the one “wallangled’ in Wum, Cameroon. Poor healthcare, education system, etc. We still carry out numb skulls to vote some of these parliamentary gangsters.

What we need are boxers to be elected MPs. We need real full contact fighters. Those who will stop at nothing to trade blows in parliament when a dubious bill has been tabled for approval by the executive. We need a fighter who will punch the faces of ruling elites who deliberately allow private interests to replace national interests. In fact, we need Ukraine to teach us how to fight as they do in their own parliament….” Tapang Concluded.

BaretaNews agree with Tapang. It becomes incumbent to declare that Cameroon MPs are the laziest. One cannot tell what they are doing in Yaounde. They are a bunch of hand clappers who served only President Paul Biya and cannot do anything for the nation. We have seen it throughout the years. One cannot point to any law which directly affects positively Cameroonians. The most recent case is the unfortunate Eseka incident which claims scores of lives and left hundreds wounded. In a normal scenario, we should be seeing a parliamentary commission being set up to investigate instead it is Mr. Biya who creates a commission. Yet, the Parliament is only focus on putting in laws which limits the freedom of Cameroonians.

However, we cannot entirely blame the MPs. The system in which they operate has made it difficult for the Parliament to ascertain its independence. CPDM MPs are forced to toe party lines and they can hardly work independently, again none of them is prepared to sacrifice and to stand out less you are blacklisted. Ayah Paul Abine did once during the 2008 constitutional amendments but was forced to leave the party. The party will go after to block his salary for years. The same is true with the Senate and government offices etc. Everything centers around Paul Biya largely due to its republican powers entrusted to him by the Constitution. Cameroon indeed need a new political system with a 360 degree change from how the constitution currently functions. Can the people get to that? 2018 will tell.

God is still saying something.

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