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Toll Gate Fee: Finance Minister Responds To Social Media



It should be recalled that on September 16th, 2016, BaretaNews reported that some major French and English Newspapers in the Cameroons were reporting of Government intentions to increase toll gates fee across the country from 500 to 2500 Frs CFA. BaretaNews was the first to broke the news to social media. Cameroonians reacted angrily. Cameroon Minister of Finance has now sent a communiqué to assure Cameroonians that Government has no such plans.

The Minister in his communique wrote:
“Information currently circulating on social media alleges an imminent rise in the cost of toll gate fee from 500 to 2500 FCFA. Consequently, the Minister of Finance informs the public and road users in particular, that no increase on the toll gate fee has been envisaged by his Ministry. He, therefore, calls upon road users to continue carrying out their activities in serenity without being distracted by this false information ”

Minister Release

Minister Release

What is important to BaretaNews is that the Government of Cameroon is now active on social media. They seemed to be listening to what Cameroonians are doing on social media. It is the view of BaretaNews that this is a win for all of us on social media. Even if the Government had such idea of increasing the fee just by a cent, we have succeeded in stopping this. The Cameroun Government is still stubbornly stubborn in so many respects but we shall keep talking till something is done someday.

Worthy of note is that the state of Cameroons roads is however very pathetic and the government makes billions of CFA from the current toll gates fee. Cameroonians beg to see any improvement on their roads as this money is not put to use and most often than not the fees from these toll gates are embezzled and/or mismanaged. It should be noted that the idea of toll gates came into being from Ni John Fru Ndi. His idea was instituted by the government of Paul Biya but has been poorly managed.

God is still saying something.

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