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Laptop March: The Real Students Are On Holidays



As students from the University of Bamenda and Yaounde 1 took to the streets to thank President Paul Biya for providing them with laptops. Cameroonians on social media have been pouring their thoughts. BaretaNews brings to you some of the best lines from commentators. Read on.


  • Sacrificed generation being manipulated at all levels. Like seriously this guy holding this poster need to be trashed…Louis Biyeh


  • This is ignorance. You don’t need a laptop to conduct research. I think these are hired students….Louis Mbua


  • I have always said we are schizophrenic. Poverty dampens the mind. Is a laptop something for serious demonstration?…Nchem Rudolf


  • Let us even say for a minute there is no manipulation involved in this gesture.How do these students get connected to ease research? The Internet is expensive. The best this president should have done with these billions is to construct more classrooms to accommodate the saturated amphitheater…Suliy Bara

University of Bamenda

  • I hope when other students go out to stage a march against this move or to push for other issues, police will not come out to arrest and torture them. I now understand why Fru Ndi said the youths are delusional and I now totally agree with 100%. Yeah Ni you are right, these youths are delusional and irresponsible.Erick Kim Sarang


  • Shame to Bamenda University. You don’t need to go far to see the neglect and corruption in the country. Youth unemployment is skyrocketing. It’s really a tragedy….Kenneth Chi


  • Where there is frustration in every sector of the economy as it is the case in Cameroon , it is possible to buy support even with a plate of rice and beans. It is because of this greed and hate for our dear country that we have been bought for over 35 wasted years by a regime that has failed in all aspects of the country. What is a laptop? Be celebrating and wait for more frustrations after your graduations…..Menju Nisoje


    • Lots of insults to the students. It’s true that many people here have allowed emotions to cloud their judgements. 70 billion is 2.3% of Cameroon’s physical revenue. Ask the students or the people insulting them what is done with the rest of the 97.7% and none will be able to tell you. If I was a student in Cameroon I will happily take and use my laptop. When the president signed 30 billion for his private jet, the students stayed quiet. Who will pay back the 30 billion? Is it logical for the students to refuse the investment on them because of their fear of paying back? I lived in the United States and benefited from academic financial aids from the federal government. Would it have been logical for me and other American students to refuse the money because it was a loan? Studying without access to computers these days is like studying while blind. It’s true that some of the students will use the computers to scam while others share porn videos. When S Job dropped out of school, he played with computers and was able to revolutionize his country and the world. If these hundreds of thousands of computers produce just one Job, it would have been a great investment. When you invest in children, do it indiscriminately because it is God that chooses whom to change the world through. Investing 2.3% of the physical revenue in education is not a bad investment and receiving a laptop from a government to whom your parents pay taxes is not a foolish thing to do. If I was there, I will proudly take my own. You should be asking whether the laptops cost 70 billion and not whether it was a good idea to give or to receive. What I won’t do is to March because I have been given what I think I deserve. These students deserve better!…..Patrick Awa


  • The real students are on holidays!!!….Andy Alang


  • Students from Yaounde are very primitive and most of them are so poor and only live from hand to mouth. The regime is cruel even to them. I have been with them and I tell you, you can count the number of students who own laptops. Yaounde II is just worse. It’s but normal for them to be excited with the idea of owning a laptop not minding the suffering they go through….Che Divert


  • The government understands that the concerns of the greater part of the population has been bought and sold by the individual/party with the deepest pockets and are feeding off of it. With such reactions, would anyone doubt if an election was conducted today that the gerontocratic regime Wouldn’t win? Any youths (except those born with silver spoons) who are actually participating in that March haven’t understood the extent if their actions. I think the promises of maybe 2000frs and a netbook has clouded their judgement. #ThanksButNoThanksBiya….Nde Emmanuel


  • They haven’t yet received the laptops, they haven’t yet ascertained the quality (whether they are made of low-quality AMD processors that will get too hot and require some external cooling or with a battery that will indicate fully charged at 1% or with low-quality LCD, etc.), they are matching. A majority of Cameroonians back home have a problem, and I don’t know which field of study can proffer a lasting solution to that problem……BT Lemso


    • Cameroonians oh! Una chop noh. You’re played a set of card, instead of looking at how best to make use of the cards you’re played, you think of the cards in the deck that you don’t have and think of how to use it. Can you use something you don’t have?….Otto Isong


  • Democracy at its finest, no one is putting a gun to their heads to support a stupid deal. They after all university students and hence educated enough to know how bad of a deal it is…but I have a feeling they also feel the little they can benefit from an already corrupt system they have no choice….what they fail to know or think is that a laptop is an electronic device and needs maintenance and software’s to function is the Govt also going to provide that? Who is going to pay for internet access to allow easy online research…sounds to me they excited only to have it for the use of pornography that research.Enoanyi Frank


  • Student’s nowadays. Some a patiently waiting for the free laptop’s to ease their Facebook chatting with friends. What research. Cameroon is not connected. What can you search and get from our poor internet infrastructure? Nonsense foolish and warn out Biya is using the laptop as a political trick since elections are fast approaching. A dictator without portfolios. Others are dying let him remain there with no objectives to better Cameroon. Old goat….Paulo Paulo

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