French Cameroun’s Additional Troops Deployment to Ambazonia and the Hidden Agenda.







French Cameroun’s Additional Troops Deployment to Ambazonia and the Hidden Agenda.

BaretaNews has received repeated disturbing reports from some concerned individuals within the colonial military of French Cameroun. These reports have to do with the deployment of more French Cameroun terrorist militia and ammunition into Ambazonia, including hundreds of AXES AND MACHETES obviously to be used in breaking into homes to butcher Ambazonian citizens inside their homes.

According to our sources, the colonial military is already over stretched, and hundreds of additional terrorist soldiers have been deployed to different locations within Ambazonia, with the instructions to cause absolute and brutal mayhem on anyone left in the territory after the current wave of migration into the major cities of French Cameroun and into Nigeria. The terrorist soldiers have to this effect been given hundreds of AXES AND MACHETTES to facilitate their breaking into homes to pull out unfortunate Southern Cameroonians who shall be unable to move out of their homes to other so-called safer zones.

Citizens have also reported seeing colonial military trucks ferry AXES into Ambazonia in the past days. The colonialists are said to be targeting the 2nd anniversary of the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons Ambazonia for another massacre. The anniversary shall take place on October 1st 2018.

After failing to wipeout, the resistant restoration forces of Ambazonia as initially hoped, the colonial regime appears frustrated and is now only concerned with harvesting the blood of innocent citizens for consumption in their covens in French Cameroun.

The dying dictator of French Cameroun and war monger Paul Biya appears to be very blood thirsty, even as he struggles to navigate his old self into another illegal mandate as colonial dictator President of the Cameroons. That is why he is taking additional measures om this his declared war on Southern Cameroons, to spill more innocent Ambazonian blood at this period of high political tension and the banned elections in Ambazonia.

As he and his terrorist soldiers prepare to heightened their genocide. BaretaNews continues to remind the international community of their responsibility to stop this genocide being perpetrated on a people who took up peace plants to demand what is duly theirs but were met with brute military force and mayhem.

The people have so far been using artisanal weapons to push back the Biya terrorists hoping that those whose responsibility it is to stop the French Cameroun mad dog Paul Biya from further atrocities would get up from their slumber and do the needful. But so far, they have remained eloquently silent, thereby raising suspicions of an international conspiracy to wipeout the Ambazonian people.

We hope Ambazonians shall not be apportioned any blame when they decide to take very extreme measures against the enemy and its enablers. Southern Cameroonians didn’t declare war on Paul Biya but the war was brought upon them by Paul Biya. The violence and atrocities meted out by Biya’s terrorists is enough. No one has the monopoly of such violence and atrocities.

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1 Comment

  1. Winifred Nenkaa

    September 15, 2018 at 2:28 PM

    Desperately wicked crew.God will judge each an everyone of you for your actions

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