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Hypocrite Peter Mafany Musonge sheds crocodile tears in Mutengene







Hypocrite Peter Mafany Musonge sheds crocodile tears in Mutengene


On one of those useless tours La Republique du Cameroun usually organizes, Ambazonian born Peter Mafany Musonge, former Prime Minister in La Republique du Cameroun and current chairperson of the infamous Bilingualism Commission, shed tears over a hospitalized student, victim of the recent incident in Kosala that led to the death of the discipline master of GBHS Kosala – Kumba.


In a rare effort to show some concern for the ongoing genocide in Ambazonia which has left tens of thousands displaced, thousands missing and hundreds murdered by military from Yaoundé, the 75-year old recently married man hypocritically said “violence is not the solution to the crisis” as he stood over the hospitalized upper sixth student’s bed, surrounded by his close associates. This laughable comment from him has shocked citizens of Ambazonia. Such a comment can only be considered a mockery considering that all the violent acts that Ambazonians have suffered from, since the crisis began have come from agents of the regime in Yaoundé backed by elites from Ambazonia like Peter Mafany Musonge who have been used repeatedly by dictator Paul Biya to give false evidence that there is no crisis going on.


If the so called elite of Southern Cameroons – Ambazonia in the likes of Peter Mafany Musonge, Chief Mukete, Paul Atanga Nji, Yang Philemon and many others were the elite for real and represented the people, there would be no crisis as the case is. On the contrary, they are one of the root causes of the ongoing crisis as they champion the praise-singing team worshiping dictator Paul Biya in Yaoundé. Just a week ago, Chief Mukete, a century old once highly respected chief went on TV to sing praises to Paul Biya for his “good work” in running the country and re-appointing him as senator, while in the same week soldiers were in a shooting spree murdering innocent villagers right in his own backyard.


The infamous highly criticized Bilingualism Commission headed by Peter Mafany Musonge, one of the failed initiatives concocted by the regime in Yaoundé last year has met once since its creation only to request a colossal budget for tours like the one currently going on and meaningless speech making. This is one of many poorly conceived attempts at dialogue during which handpicked regime praise singers are sent on luxury trips both abroad and within the country to dine and wine with friends branding it consultation talks, meet-the-people tour, dialogue, etc. while genocide continues in villages and towns around them. It is one of the popular ways the elite from Ambazonia as well as their counterparts in La Republique du Cameroun are using the ongoing crisis to amass more money for themselves. In fact, since the declaration of war against the people of Ambazonia last November 2017, military top brass, ministers and the elite have been feeding fat from the war. With all the looting, bribery and lavish spending going on under the pretext of handling crisis-related issues, their only hope is to see to it that the crisis lasts as long as possible. After all, their ages all varying from 75 to 100 mean few years left for them to continue feeding off the poor.


If Peter Mafany Musonge had genuine concern for the people, wanted to shed tears and wished the crisis were solved, he would ask his boss rather to declare a ceasefire at least while he is on tour; he would visit sites of numerous villages with inhabitants that have been reduced to ashes by military; he would visit widows like the wife of late Sam Soya, beheaded on camera by soldiers; he would visit mass graves in Ambazonia; he would ask for proper burial for all the corpses that litter the bushes and streets of Southern Cameroons; he would visit numerous abandoned amputees in Manyu county instead of shedding crocodile tears over one even lucky to be on a hospital bed; he would go meet the mothers and babies languishing in the wild jungles exposed to all sorts of dangers instead of take a luxury ride in his convoy to Kumba.


Shame on you renegade! May the blood of all the innocent killed because of your greed and treachery haunt you for the rest of your life here and in the life after. People like you are the reason the entire continent of Africa is what it is today.

Ndoh Emmanuel

BaretaNews contributor

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