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3 kidnapped, Vehicles Razed In Ndop Attack



3 kidnapped, Vehicles Razed In Ndop Attack

By Mbah Godlove

An atmosphere of fear and consternation has been raining in sabga, a locality in Ndop, Northern Zone after 3 civilians were kidnapped and vehicles set ablaze.

The incident which occurred on the Ndop-Sabga stretch of the road Wednesday, March 23 left dozens in panic.

Sources say Restoration Forces had announced a ban on the circulation of vehicles in the Area.

The said ban BarataNews understands came as a response to the colonial administration which had restricted the circulation of bikes in the locality.

Advertently or inadvertently some unfortunate civilians were traveling along the Ndop-Sabga highway where their vehicle was intercepted.

It remains unclear if the act was masterminded by restoration forces but we understand that at least 3 civilians were taken hostage while the car transporting them was put on fire.

The incident left many denizens in fear as they wondered what was going to happen next.

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