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Meta quarter confrontation leaves five French Cameroun Forces dead



Meta quarter confrontation leaves five dead
By Mbah Godlove

About five elements of the colonial army of La Republique du Cameroun have been killed following a gun battle that ensued at Meta quarter, a source has said. Meta quarter is a neighborhood in Mankon, Bamenda 2 LGA, in Ambazonia’s Northern Zone. Around midday on Saturday October 19, a heavily armed contingent of the brutal forces of French Cameroun stumped the locality upon having rumours that kidnapped children were being held in the area. Their presence, sources say was marked by a deadly clash with Ambazonian fighters who neutralized about five of the agents. It seems the trap worked, our sources revealed.

“In the course of the exchanges, I spotted about five corpses in uniform,” an eye witness explained. The incident immediately grounded economic activities in the entire city as shops were locked and streets deserted.

It remains unclear if any abducted students where in the said area or it was a tactic from pro Independence fighters to guide their enemies to the grave. After the incident, more elements of the colonial military where deployed in Meta quarter where the deadly fight had been staged.

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