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La Republique Forces Retreat From Belo-BBC News








La Republique Forces Retreat From Belo-BBC

BBC on their official website some 8 hours ago is reporting that La Republique Forces are retreating from Belo after coming under heavy gun battle with restoration forces. It should be recalled that several colonial soldiers have mysteriously died in Belo without anyone knowing what is happening. Could this be the reason for their withdrawal? I will like to sound a note of caution here, this move from La Republique Forces must be carefully looked into.

As far as we know, la Republique are not ready to give up. It is evident that they have something poisonous down their sleeves, therefore Southern Cameroons restoration forces must watch out and make sure their five senses are working. Civilians must not return to Belo as of now. We do not trust La Republique. It is not the time to relax. In fact, this move should make us think harder to up our game.

BBC in the same article also did mentioned the Kumba gunshot. line with the Kumba incident of the unfortunate death of the discipline master(DM), every optics show that the action was carried out by hoodlums or someone who is out for personal scores. It could also be a direct move by agents of la Republique to finally beg the international community to tag our God ordained revolution to what they want. They have been dying to have that happen but it is not coming. We will not give them that.

Restoration forces do not act that way, restoration forces do not go against civilians, that is not their modus operandi. Restoration forces protect civilians. Restoration forces have no business to jump on a bike, shoot a teacher then off. If it were restoration forces, they would have arrested him to pass a message then release like they have done elsewhere besides Kosala had no security by then. It was only after the unfortunate act that saw the area boosted with security. The action of whoever did that by shooting the DM and running away can only be attributed to personal issues or government moves to discredit our revolution. We are called upon to protect our revolution and make sure no one tries to tag certain actions to our movements which is not our call. Most people will love that.

BBC On Southern Cameroons

You will agree with me that immediately the action in Kosala, Kumba took place, crooked CRTV took on it and made it headline news attributing it to the excesses of our restoration forces. They used all type of adjectives on us and our people. This is a media house that has never spoken about la Republique Du Cameroun military burning of homes, killings of civilians, and all the atrocities committed by its forces but are fast to report on one rascal who will take the life of a teacher. Now, you understand the game. We are more than that and we will continue to shame them.

Schools, churches, hospitals are protected areas in every war zones and in our case it cannot be different. Internationally , both sides fighting have a duty to protect these areas. As we engaged into active self defence, we are building and keeping into the books telling the world that we are ready to protect our territorial space.

Self Defense Actions will naturally stop schools like it has done in many areas within Amba because this is obvious. However, invading a school, church or hospital to act is forbidden. The revolution has morphed into an active self defense area, school boycott is no longer our focus because we are aware they will close on their own when the environment becomes not conducive as the case in other areas. Ours not an exception.

We refuse to allow La Republique to define our revolution. We as a people shall define our revolution, protect it and end it on our terms.

We are aware that in every revolution, many will like to take advantage and such we are not free from it. That is why, in Belo, we read on several private media newspapers that REAL AMBA Fighters arrested Fake Amba Fighters and dealt with them. Remember that the enemy is at work. They will use our own means to hurt us, to tarnish our reputation but we are fast, we are wiser. We will fish them out and offer them to the gods.

Let us be wise
May God bless Ambazonia

Mark Bareta

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