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Mission to Acquire Anti Odeshi Powers Lands Colonial Terrorists in the Dragnet of Nigerian Forces










Mission to Acquire Anti Odeshi Powers Lands Colonial Terrorists in the Dragnet of Nigerian Forces

An anti “odeshi” expedition to Nigeria by five Colonial Terrorists of La Republique du Cameroun (LRC) and seven colonial aids has earned them an arrest by Nigerian security forces stationed in the border town of Amana, in Obaniliku Local Government Area (LGA) of Cross River State. The arrested colonialists, made up of two gendarmes, two police men, one BIR and their seven Ambazonian aids from Manyu County was facilitated by the youths and some Ambazonian taking refuge in the area.

The arrest, BaretaNews has been informed by two separate sources, was carried out by youths themselves. The invaders were almost strangled by the angry population who have in recent times been on the receiving end of the terrorist activities of the colonial forces in that locality. They were however rescued thanks to the timely intervention of the LGA police and Nigerian army officials, who whisked them away for interrogations.

In their interrogation after the arrest, the colonialists, admitted to the youths and refugees in Amnana that their mission, was not only to spiritually fortify themselves but to also get more information on the operation strategies and the mystery behind the invincibility of the Ambazonian Restoration forces. The colonial agents are said to be in the custody of Nigerian authorities for further investigations.

“Odeshi” is said to be a African mystical power or a magical charm that hinders the penetration of bullets, and other metal weapons into the human body. Colonial terrorist forces of LRC have increasingly complained to their commanders of the mystery surrounding Ambazonian fighters, whereby bullets hit their bodies and fall on the ground. It is also believed that the odeshi power becomes ineffective when it users violate the rules governing its use. One of such rules is that no metal object or coin should be found on the body of the user, apart from his or her rifle.

Colonial forces are now fully aware that the Ambazonian revolution is a more of a spiritual than a physical warfare and so they also need to protect themselves from the determined mystery restoration fighters. But how can you seek spiritual fortification to fight a man who is trying to defend his land from your aggression? Natural law itself cannot condone such. This probably explains the failure of the anti odeshi fortification mission of the colonialists.



James Agbor, BaretaNews Political Analyst

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