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Breaking: Southern Cameroons IDPs Increase By 74% Indicates New Government Targeted Killings And Raids



The Centre for Human Rights And Democracy in Africa-CHRDA has now noted with dismay the upsurge in the number of IDPs and burned-down settlements in the Southern Cameroons two political zones due to the ongoing and new armed conflicts between armed separatist groups and Cameroun defense forces. CHRDA headed by Barrister Agbor Nkongho-Balla has revealed that, an estimated number of 274,908 civilians are currently internally displaced in the Northern zone, while 278,867 have been displaced in the Southern zone. This makes a 74% increase since the last publication on the plight of +400,000 IDPs

The report also revealed that 113 [out of 170] settlements are severely affected, indicating that newer conflicts have emerged, and newer communities have been targeted by Cameroun military raids.

We are told CHRDA is calling  on the Cameroun government to not only accelerate its programme on humanitarian assistance to IDPs, but to equally review such programme to reflect updated internal migration trends while prioritizing the process of putting an end to ongoing and protracted and projected military raids.

BaretaNews notes that the government of Cameroun cannot at this stage help the situation. Only a practical negotiation between both parties shall stop the war

Details of the statistics herein

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Pharm chepnezin cornelius

    December 21, 2018 at 4:08 PM

    Mark, over 2000 IDp from Nwa county, Ndu town are languishing in hardship in the Adamawa plans whose houses were raised by Cameroon military, from Villages like ROM, Nwa, Mfe, Bom, Sih and all surrounding Village around that Vicinity. One missionary escape death from Mamfe and is lodging in Taraba with host of others. His Belonging was raised immidiately they notice he escaped.

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