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LRC’s military whisk nurses for allegedly treating Amber fighters





LRC’s military whisk nurses for treating Amber fighters.
By Mbah Godlove
The colonial military of La Republique du Cameroun has arrested nurses in a private clinic for allegedly treating pro independence fighters in their health facility. The medical personnel, amongst them a breastfeeding mother, were rounded up in Tatum, a village in Bui County, Northern Zone of Ambazonia.
Sources in the area say the proprietor of the said health unit, is being pressurise to sign that he would henceforth not attend to injured restoration fighters. However, it remains unclear if any Ambazonia fighters had being treated at the clinic and weather the proprietor had yielded to the call from the occupational forces to stop providing medical care to Restorationist.
Locals of Tatum, have described the incident as unfortunate and regrettable giving that the 86 year old President of French Cameroon had announced a window dressing dialogue due to commence at the end of September 2019.
Bui County is one of the areas in Ambazonia where clashes between the Colonial Army of LRC and Ambazonian fighters have being recurrent. The Bui warriors have this far being able to bring to earth the war mechanisms employed by the colonial Administration and have on several occasions resolved to fight untill the territory is free from colonial occupation.

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