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22 Year old Cameroonian Launches Product In USA.



Indeed, the United States of America is a land where dreams are realized. No matter your race, hair of your skin, background etc, once you are determined, and work hard , your dreams are made. Marc Yves Nganpi is a Cameroonian resident in the USA. He is a former student of Saint Joseph’s College Sasse where the virtues of hard work, determination, and fear of God are taught. These values, he took them to the United States. Recalled that few months ago, BaretaNews broke the news when he started the initial phase of this product. Today, the product is ready and officially released. It is ready to be bought. BaretaNews is proud of this youth for taking the image of the Cameroons to higher heights.

In a released statement, Marc Yves wrote ” I officially present to you NGANPI SKIN & HAIR, an intensive skin & hair cosmetic cream, handmade with 100% natural plants, flowers, trees, and seeds. Enriched with proteins, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F & K and minerals, including phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron ”

13866529_275643499466339_2020250573_n NGANPI SKIN & HAIR – CREAM

Marc Yves revealed that NGANPI SKIN & HAIR was founded in July 2015 in Key Largo. While suffering from issues like rough knees, cracked elbows and heels, hair thinning and other skin disorders such as acne, fungal, psoriasis, xerosis cutis, dermatitis, tinea, and hyperpigmentation, Marc-Yves used so many kinds of cosmetic lotions and creams found in the market in search for a solution. After discovering his product, his entire body and that of his family and close friends looks so perfect to the point where most people won’t agree they had some skin and hair problems in the past- the statement reads.

Marc is a Criminology & Criminal Justice student, not a science student, cosmetologist nor a dermatologist but he has been so much involved when it comes to researching natural ingredients, identifying skin & hair issues and putting cosmetics together to solve that problem, BaretaNews noted.



The statement continues ” Today, most skin care cosmetic products currently on the market contain harmful chemicals that can damage your skin or hair. Many people go into a beauty store and buy skincare cosmetics without identifying what type of skin they have or what are the ingredients found in that cosmetic product. Some go in for the beauty of the container and the scent of the product, while some do buy such cosmetic products because of the beautiful picture of a man or woman on the container of that product. Our product is natural and good for you ”

BaretaNews revealed that NGANPI SKIN & HAIR – CREAM (8oz) cost just $19.99 with free shipping only within the United States. You could also order from its website:

BaretaNews, therefore, calls on all Cameroonians home and abroad to support this young man grow. Let us buy and support our own

God is still saying something.

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