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DISGRACE: Cameroun Parliamentarians Donating Plastic Chairs



Ateh Thomson is a young PAP politician. He attempted for the office of an MP under the Mezam central constituency during the last Parliamentary elections. He was the youngest parliamentary candidate. Cameroun MPs have been using the 8 million grants given to them for micro projects to donate plastic chairs to their community even spending lavishly more than the chairs are worth during the so-called handing over ceremony. This move has angered the young parliamentary candidate who has addressed an open letter to Cameroun members of Parliament. It reads.

Dear Cameroon Members of Parliament, Don’t buy plastic chairs with Micro-project grants Again Please !

It is,actually degrading having to witness some HONORABLE MEN/WOMEN, happily donating plastic chairs to their community. It is within the yearly grants they receive from the government intended for micro projects, and this is what they choose to provide their community. worst still, on the occasion of handing over, a lot more is spent than worth the chairs themselves as the helpless electorates cheer in great ignorance.

In certain case, such sketchy “projects are multiplied across the constituency so that banners line every major Street in succession and this will be all for that year ; the 8MILLIONS FCFA is”used”. But What economic value posits thence to the community?

The argument isn’t against good will, rather, it is against good will intended to masking bad faith, and corruption at the detriment of a thriving society!

Now, here is what you may instate do.

Schools are reopening, intelligent pupils, students in the underprivileged categories, orphans; they are asking themselves what next? You can be the brain behind thousands of such chairs, a mega palace for your fon, in an emerging city called in the name of your village or town, in just a few years. Contribute in encouraging scholarship within your constituency.

Ateh Thomson

Ateh Thomson

If you truly believe in great deeds, create an account and as a fund, stock that money in it for scholarships. Added to these chairs, father the willing, through Universities…

8MILLIONS grant is nothing, I know but 50,000F fees, house rents of 150,000FCFA a year plus a monthly token of just a little over 25000F is just 675,000FCFA and this covers 3year University work for a single student. This is priceless to the receiver! In fact, coming back to your community is a wave of good from such persons-recipients of the scholarship.

For, In 8MILLIONS FCFA micro-grant, We are talking about 11 UNIVERSITY GRADUATES sponsored from the first year to finish with just one year grant! In your 5 years of leadership as MEMBER of Parliament in that constituency , 55 graduates under your mentorship who, obviously are doing well in life(everything being equal,) will be coming back to welcoming you into retirement or, to fund and aggressively campaign for your reelection so that the good continues even as it multiplies amongst them. Isn’t that cool?

And yes, this too is a micro project!

I lost in Mezam central Constituency to Hon. Fobi Nchinda Simon of the SDF in the last September 30th, 2013 parliamentary elections. This was a part of my plan. It costs nothing for a candlestick to light another.….Attempted concluded.

BaretaNews agrees with Ateh. The Cameroun MPs have become so greedy with the system in such a way that nothing substantial is seen with micro project fund. Even at that, the money allocated by the government is too small. That, however, does not mean something substantial could be done. Ateh just gave a perfect example of what could be done.

God is still saying something.

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