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A Call To the SDF Anglophone MPs.



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The public has seen your latest communique which you unequivocally declared that the only solution that would be long lasting will be a return to Federation as it then was. You also in the communique reminded the lawyers and teachers that any solution provided by the CPDM regime will be cosmetic. We hear you.

Let us be aware that the lawyers and teachers are parents also who need our supports. We must not give them the impression that they are alone. In fact, the masses must join them in this call less these groups will fall to their professional solutions which is not representative to what we want. Therefore, they need our support massively because a federation benefits all.

The SDF Anglophone MPs in Yaounde represent Anglophone Cameroon and now is the time to rise up to the ideals to which the sdf was created. One of the major foundation of the sdf creation was to safe guard Southern Cameroons or call it Anglophone Cameroon. We applaud you for sending out a position statement asking for the return to Federation. However, like the lawyers and teachers who are taking steps to address this, we call on the sdf Anglophone MPs to take a hard step now. This is the time and all teachers, lawyers, students, chiefs and Anglophones will rally behind you. You must take a step that will warrant Paul Biya to act immediately. Sending communiques is not enough.

You must take a step that will cause the international eye and the UN to revisit her 1961 papers and the time could not be more ripe than now.

The step I am proposing should be that as from now all SDF Anglophone MPs should boycott parliament in Yaounde and reconvene immediately in Buea for a quasi parliamentary session. In fact, that should be so until a conference is called to discuss a return to Federation. This is the only way Biya and France will listen.
SDF MPs you have the powers. The people elected you. Rise up to the moment and make Anglophone Cameroon proud.

This is Mark Bara and I approve this message.

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