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Today’s Events as it happens- Independence Voice Was Stronger



On Sunday, 4th December 2016, Citizen Journalists Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo sent out a statement urging Southern Cameroonians to rally in Buea for the march past to the Governor’s office from Molyko Stadium. We requested Southern Cameroonians to produce placards which fall around self-rule and so they responded heavily today 5th December 2016.

The day began with the National Chairman of the SDF Ni John Fru Ndi together with his MPs being held up at the Parliamentary Lodge-the government-owned hotel in Buea.

BaretaNews in the morning wrote: ” It has just been announced by the District chairman of the SDF political party that the National chairman of the party, Ni John Fru Ndi and all the SDF parliamentarians who came for the peaceful march in Buea today have all been locked by Biya’s forces and held against their will inside the parliamentarians flat where they are lodging. Mayor Ekema has paid some young thugs to block the Chairman and his delegation moves. We are told an angry crowd of youths was racing to parliamentarian flat as I write…”

Minutes later, as the Molyko stadium became full with Southern Cameroonians, some were already marching up to free Ni John, we gathered that he was allowed to leave the hotel with his delegation.

We also took note that, Bamenda was under siege,tear gas and water sprayed at liberty Square- the people remained resolute. Southern Cameroons flag was hoisted in Kumba. We gathered that the people of Bamenda have decided to have all businesses closed from Monday through Wednesday every week till the problems are solved. In fact semi ghost town is already in Bamenda.

Southern Cameroonians also during the rally in Buea refused singing the Cameroun National Anthem and chanted independence. They could be heard singing ” Home again, Home Again, Where Shall I see my Home” in referring to the restoration of Southern Cameroons state. Many speakers took the stage to talk. However, as the SDF keeps mentioning Federalism as the solution, the population roars in disapproval and chanted “INDEPENDENCE, WE WANT INDEPENDENCE”. At some point during the rally, Hon. Mbah Ndam was forced to address the people as Southern Cameroonians as they refused the MP addressing them as people of SouthWest. That was a show and force of unity.

BaretaNews could conclude that the message today centered around independence: Some pictures for today’s events are below:

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