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The Jean Ping- Christopher Fomunyoh Connections



Gabonese are still coming to terms after the country protested as a result of the Presidential elections held on Saturday 27th August 2016. Jean Ping, the former African Union Chair, and the leading opposition candidate is still contesting the Presidential results. Results released by the constituted authorities in Gabon put Ali Bongo on a 49.80 percent against 48.23 percent for Jean Ping. The violence resulted in at least 3 Gabonese dead with several wounded while thousands were arrested.

However, France, Gabon’s colonial master has been wary of the results. A European Union (EU) observer mission on sept 6 cast doubt on the validity of the presidential election in Gabon. According to Mariya Gabriel, the EU’s chief observer of the polls, the number of non-voters and blank or invalid ballots did not match the reported turnout rate, which she said constituted a “clear anomaly.”

Also, France Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said in a statement earlier said that Gabon must protect French citizens arrested in Gabon under the Vienna convention.

In light of all these, a phone conversation between Jean Ping and Ivory Coast Presidential Adviser Mamadi came to light which reveals a lot about the elections and possible foreign intervention. It also highlighted Jean Ping’s love for foreign help. Amongst this conversation, Jean Ping rubbishes the African Union as toothless bulldogs and said he had a conversation with his Cameroonian friend of the NDI and that his Cameroonian friend knows a lot.

The National Democratic Institute (NDI), is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that works with partners in developing countries to increase the effectiveness of democratic institutions which was founded in 1983, by the United States Congress and Christopher Fomunyoh is the Senior Associate for Africa and Regional Director at the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs. He is a Cameroonian and in fact Ping was referring to him. The nature of the conversation as read below follows a dangerous pattern and one could pick a lot of information from it. Christopher is a supposed and alleged Cameroon 2018 Presidential candidate in the Cameroons, though BaretaNews cannot get the exact conversation he had with ping, one could deter from the various instances Ping mentioned the NDI as a possible foreign intervention and manipulation.

On several posts on Facebook, Christopher has been called out to respond to this conversation because the Cameroonian people are worried about a possible hidden agenda between this conversation. Christopher has however at the time of this publication failed to respond to these concerns. BaretaNews hopes he responds to clear the worries of the Cameroonian people.

Below is the translated conversation from French to English

Correspondent: Allo

Mamadi: My brother, its Diané how is it?
Correspondent: who?
Mamadi: Diana, Mamadi

Correspondent: U want to talk to the president? Hold the line
Mamadi: yes, yes
Ping: Allo

Mamadi: yes Ping, Congratulations, congratulations, (laughs)
Ping: Thanks

Mamadi: (Inaudible)
Ping: ehhhh?
Mamadi: Are the people going out (on the streets) to celebrate?

Ping: Yes they are already out celebrating
Mamadi: Ahh so they are already outside? Ok right

Ping: But he (Ali Bongo) has already sent his tanks (war tanks) everywhere
Mamadi: ahhhhh, but have the Americans and the French said nothing?

Ping: No, I talked to… he came here, I mean our Cameroonian friend of the NDI,
Mamadi yes yes

Ping: so I asked he if Mamadi called him, he said “ tell him (Mamadi) to call me, tell him to call me.
Mamadi: please send me his number by SMS because I left his number in the other phone in Washington, I mean Abidjan,

Ping: Ok ok
Mamadi: Send the number to me right away so I call him, we are going to coordinate things together.

Ping: ok I ll send right away
Mamadi: What I know is that Thierry on the contrary, called their ambassador, that’s for sure

Ping: They are wonderful, they are wonderful they are very ready, in any case
Mamadi: So u say he ( Ali) has put his war tanks and soldiers on the streets???
Ping: yes he did

Mamadi: but the population does not give a damn right they are marching in any case?
Ping: They don’t they don’t care

Mamadi: congrats I will call u back
Ping: thanks thanks for everything


Phone rings
Correspondent: Allo
Mamadi: Jean Francois, good morning, its uncle Diane, how are u,
Correspondent: Am fine and you

Mamadi: Is your mum around?
Correspondent: They are both here, who do u want to talk to?
Mamadi: papa

Ping: good morning brother?
Mamada: how are u brother?

Ping: Fine, just that ( Ali)He is really weak
Mamadi: I learned that too
Ping: things are really clear, there is nothing we can do. He want ….

Mamadi: with 67%, u can joke with that
Ping: Noooo
Mamadi: I don’t think they can dare. that’s the kind of thing the population gets to the streets
Ping: Yes, the population is already on the alert
Mamadi: ahh yes

Ping: the population is on the alert
Mamadi: What was the worth of his declaration of yesterday, that he is ready to accept the results

Ping: its because the declaration is ambiguous, because, first, if u cant cheat and say u are ready to accept the results its cheating; secondly, it’s the idea,…. Its ambiguous
Mamadi: and the foreign powerful countries, the different embassies, France etc

Ping: The EU did a very wonderful job here u know, the African Union we all know, is very weak
Mamadi: Yes the AU is very weak
Ping: the EU did a wonderful job we saw them in very remote villages, they did a very wonderful job and they are mounting pressure needed. The UN too, but the UN has not personnel in Gabon

Mamadi: and the US embassy
Ping: yes even the US embassy, u know they sent an adviser during the funeral of Andre Mba Obame, he left and he has been sent back here, he came and saw me, I have the impression they know our intentions because they asked me whether we are going to harm Ali
Mamadi: of course

Ping: That if he goes, will we allow he come back or run for elections next time? They know something. NDI is doing a good job, he knows so many things which we do not know

Mamadi: Is it the Cameroonian who is there? I will call him right away. The US ambassador is married to Akwete, the Ghanaian who works with me in Washington, I know she will be abit afraid, but I will call her and the NDI team right away. She will be abit afraid

Ping: Courage and thanks a lot

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