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My response to Tikum Mbah Azonga



Mark Bara

Good day sir. I want to first appreciate you for your kind words on the work I do to inform the Cameroons people. I also acknowledge your mature criticisms on my views in relation to me calling those who attended the meeting in Yaounde as traitors. You questioned why I labeled them as traitors without giving them a fair trial (
I wish to draw some dichotomy that most people fail to understand. Mark Bara is an Anglophone Cameroon activist. Everyone knows my views when it comes to Southern Cameroons and or Anglophone Cameroon. There is also Mark Bara, publisher of BaretaNews. BaretaNews does news gathering, analysis, opinions, editorials etc and all of these are published using the official website of BaretaNews.

When it comes to this present lawyers and teachers strike, it should be recalled that this is a struggle. This is a struggle for the survival of Anglophone Cameroon as such any Cameroonian or Anglophone who stands against the Struggle is a Traitor. There are no two ways about it. There is no second opinion about it. From the activist point of view, that’s how it happens and so are my views.

Now Mr. Tikum, what other side of the story do you want us to ask those Anglophones lawyers who went and attended a meeting in Yaound√©? Do you want us to ask them whether they sat in the office drinking coffee with Laurent Esso as he lectures them in French? Or do you want us to ask why they took money from the Minister and said it was fuel money? How could they even attend a meeting when the common law lawyers who started the strike declared that they can’t go because of obvious reasons? Why couldn’t they for once stand with the people? Like I said, this is a struggle and if you are not with us, you are against us.

Most of those top lawyers are people with government contracts representing government firms. No, they did not attend the meeting in Yaounde to represent Cameroon Common Law Lawyers. What has come out of the meeting? What did we see? Instead, the justice Minister came out bullying the Common Law lawyers? What did these so called Top Anglophones Lawyers told the Justice Minister? Sealed lips they are, yet you want me to spare them.
Read my lips sir. As far as I am concerned and I think the public agrees with me. Anyone who attends a meeting in Yaounde on behalf of the lawyers and teachers struggle who has not been sanctioned by these groups are traitors and should be treated as such.

Also, when it comes to BaretaNews publications, the manner of publication depends if it is an editorial, opinion, news gathering where the news is just reported as it is etc.
In conclusion, thank you, sir, for your criticisms. The take home message is that anyone who attends a meeting not sanctioned by the lawyers and or teachers are traitors and so do I submit.
I do not regret calling those Anglophone lawyers who attended a meeting in Yaounde as a bunch of traitors. Their side of the story deserves not be heard. It is known already.

Mark Bara and I approve this message.

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