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We recalled that on June 13th, 2016, BaretaNews introduced Sylvie Bello to the Cameroonian people. She is a Cameroonian based in the USA. She is dynamic and Founder/CEO of the Cameroon American Council, America’s leading African Immigrant Advocacy Organization. She has succeeded in shaping CAC’s mission, which is to build capacity, build relevance and build visibility in African communities in America. The Cameroon American Council (CAC) is a Washington, DC-based leading African Immigrant Advocacy Organization. Faced with a polarized US election with immigration at the top of the agenda, her mission is to build capacity, relevance, and visibility within African communities in the US through innovative health policy and outreach, arts advocacy and audience development and capacity building of African Leaders and African institutions/businesses.


Faced with this Sylvie has announced a Cameroon Congressional Caucus event in Washington DC on September 29th, 2016 . It is expected to be a free event with an expo of dozen federal agencies working in Cameroon and across Africa. It is said to be the largest African event ever at the U.S. Congress. Participants will have access to over 500 Members of Congress with over Twenty Thousand people working at the US Congress!!!

Cameroonians seeking to showcase their business, venture, organization, books and other initiatives should seize this opportunity to make it present. BaretaNews is told a shared booth will cost only $100 having access to the most powerful people in the US seat of power.

This event will be taking place in the largest, and most ornate hall in all of US Congress the Congressional Cannon Caucus Room!

Please read more about their efforts to recruit, groom, mentor and place Africans in Congressional jobs and internships via Congressional Fellows Program on this link!…/…/yoliswacele

Please see more event info at link below:


Please call, text what’s app 202 820 4823

Facebook: Cameroon American Council

Twitter: @CamAmerCouncil

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