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French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers Involved in a Genitals Trade in Ambazonia




French Cameroun Colonial Soldiers Involved in a Genitals Trade in Ambazonia

BaretaNews has uncovered another of the many heinous attrocies of French Cameroun’s Colonial Soldiers in the Southern Cameroons. According to BaretaNews sources within colonial government circles in Yaounde, some bloody, diabolic and demonic regime barons have engaged the services of the colonial terrorist soldiers to supply them with the fresh genitals of massacre victims as they continue with the genocidal onslaught against the sovereign people of Southern Cameroons – a situation confirmed by Human Rights Watch in its recent report on the attrocities.

Citizens of frequently raided communities across Ambazonia have for sometime now consistently reported to BaretaNews of missing genitals of victims slaughtered by the Yaounde terrorists in night attacks and at close range. It would appear the terrorists – BIR have been given instructions by their sponsors to ensure thy scale up nocturnal attacks on Ambazonian communities inorder to ease the harvesting of victims’ genitals.

BaretaNews sources note that the genitals and other sensitive parts of the body are often supplied to the regime barons in small flasks either in their offices or at home. It’s not clear what these body parts are being used for, but the Yaounde colonial regime has over the years been noted for its open practice of high level ocultism and diabolical bloody spiritual activities all aimed at sustaining the ailing and limping gerentocrats who have continue with the pillage of state resources and their mission to continuously enslave Ambazonia.

Human Rights Watch, an international nongovernmental organisation confirmed this issue of missing genitals on massacred victims in its recent report on colonial raids in Meluf, a village in Bui County in the Northern Zone of Ambazonia on April 4, 2019.

“Based on interviews with 10 witnesses and residents and review of video and photographic sources, Human Rights Watch found that the victims were either executed or shot as they attempted to flee when the security forces raided their neighbourhood, located near an armed separatists’camp” stated the report.

“Relatives of victims and residents who participated in the victims’ burial said three bodies were found desecrated. A teacher who from Meluf who attended the burial ceremony of the man whose body was found beheaded said:

We proceeded with the burial of the body because we could not find the head, as it it had been dumped elsewhere. After burial, the head was found in the nearby area of Ngoonjo. So a resident picked it up, went back to the grave, dug another hole and buried it.

The genitals were cut off of two of the victims’ bodies. A relative of the men said he found the victims dead and lying on the floor of their home, their hands tied up and their bodies mutilated. Residents said the mutilation of dead civilians has been traumatizing for the community ” the report added.

BaretaNews sources within the colonial military also confirmed that the mutilation of massacredcivilians and Amba Restoration Forces has been ongoing for more than a year now. According to the source, not all the soldiers have the courage to do such atrocious acts and supply the organs to the bloody political barons but those who have the courage to mutilate their massacred victims and supply the genitals and other sensitive parts are often rewarded handsomely.

It is worth noting here that, the corpse of late General Ivo of the Ambazonian Defense Forces (ADF), who was killed some months back under unclear circumstances in the outskirt of Kumba and recovered by colonial terrorist forces continues to be in the keeping of the Yaounde regime. The remains of the fighter were reported to have been ferried to Yaounde to be presented as a trophy to the blood sucking regime. With these consistent reports on the mutilation of the genitals and other body parts of innocent victims and separatist fighters, BaretaNews shall not be surprised if the corpse of late General Ivo is never recovered from the regime, or recovered but with missing genitals and other body organs.

For how long shall these attrocities and genocide continue before those solddiered with the responsibility to protect volnerable and endangered populations across the world do so?

James Agbor
BaretaNews Political Analyst

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