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Miss Natural Queen Pageant- 4th Edition, Vote Now



We are at the fourth edition of the Miss Natural Queen Pageant produced by FG Touch and we cannot God enough because His grace has been evident. Jesus, you rock.

Like from the start, #MNQP is a mission and mandate to encourage our young women to take care of their skin and not hide who they truly are under masks of layers of makeup.
It’s an educative journey to have them embrace themselves even with their perfect imperfections.
To let us know we are all beautiful queens in our own right and no one should be allowed to tell us less.

We want to thank all those who have believed in this project from the start. Who have supported us and who have been there for us. We cannot thank you enough.

To our partners Keramaniak of miss Gwendolyn Halle, Diamond Beauty of Joyce Kien, BaretaNews of Mr Mark Bareta, the “Stay beautiful” package of Mr Akame Gerald, our anonymous sponsor this month from the UK with her “you are a queen” package and our moderators who despite their tight schedules still make time to deliberate…you all are just the best and thank you for believing in this project.

12 contestants from the start…
Then they were 9.
They are Now 6

It’s time for us to determine who moves to the top 3 and stand a bigger chance to be crowned Queen for the month of September.

Let’s do this!!! Please Vote only under the facebook section of this post

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