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The Colonial Yaoundé Regime & Its Track Record of a Terrorist Predator.




The Colonial Yaoundé Regime & Its Track Record of a Terrorist Predator.

In the 1960s, the UPC who challenged the French were called terrorists, by the colonial regime.

In the 1990s during multiparty politics, those who wanted democracy were tagged terrorists,

During the 2008 hunger and anti-constitutional amendment strike, those who wanted lower prices of basic commodities were treated as terrorists,

In 2018, Ambazonians who want their country back are now treated as secessionist terrorists.

Once you go against the French interests and the colonial Yaounde regime, you all become terrorists.

In 2014, Biya enacted the anti-terrorism law for fear that what happened in Burkina Faso could reproduce itself here as people were exasperated with the Biya regime.

This came just two months after Burkina Faso street action toppled the Campaore regime. The definition of terrorism according to this law, was made very long and subjective, relying on the interpretation of those in power;

That is how a state of emergency was declared in Ambazonia and gatherings of above 4 persons was forbidden. To the point where members from the same family were afraid to move together even to attend church because they would have all been treated as terrorists if arrested.

That is how people lost their basic rights, the rights to express themselves, the rights to make peaceful demonstration, the right to exercise their political rights and even the right to communicate. Of course, exercising such rights amount to acts of terrorism.

That is how people were and are still being abducted from Ambazonia and charged with terrorism in Yaounde.That is how civilians were and have been arraigned and some sentenced in military courts under the guise of terrorism,

That is how political manifestations of legalized political parties were banned and rallies were disrupted by ruthless barbarians in uniforms,

That is how the internet was cut off for record-breaking months, in a country that claims to respect the Rule of Law.

Consequently, who is more of a terrorist, looking at the above happenings? Ambazonians say enough is enough and need justice to be serve immediately before any peace can come.

There is no peace without justice. Peace can only rein when everyone gets what he deserves. The world doesn’t need charity. What the world needs is justice. If there exists a society where the gap between the rich and the poor keeps widening, then such a society is headed for Armageddon in future.

When an individual siphons state funds, stashes them in foreign banks, builds mansions and collects posh cars when his immediate neighbor drowns in penury, misery and lack, without being able to afford three square meals a day, talk less of a balanced diet or access to social amenities, electricity, water, health care and a decent environment, there can be no peace.

We all know about the storming of the Bastille political prison in France in 1789, where the people arose against injustice, tyranny, oppression and poverty.

This is the same kind being experience in Ambazonia now. History always repeats itself.

When late President, Samuel Doe of was being cut into pieces by the masses, few could understand why, but now we know better.

When we saw the elderly with luggage on their heads fleeing the war in the Congo basin, we wondered what was wrong with their heads, now we know better.

When we saw children strapped in front and behind elderly women with additional luggage on their heads trekking for several days without food nor water as they fled the war in Rwanda, we couldn’t help questioning if they were insane, now we know better.

I never understood how someone could get to the point of taking up arms against a government to destroy what has been built over the years, but now I know better.

What we saw on TV happening to other countries is now happening at our door step as terror and fear dominates the night and we are awakened with the sound of gunshots and the sun rays greet us with corpses littered around our door steps.

Thanks to Mr. BIYA, human life has lost all value and death has now become the order of the day and our children have become so used to seeing corpses that it no longer makes news to us. It’s just one more statistic for Facebook or for the memory card, for those who care to remember.

The people have risen against injustice/oppression like they did in other countries. The people prefer to die at the war front after all, they are already dead, with their history and their future taken away from them so they better die fighting. LRC has already done its worse; they have killed us, destroyed our land and destroyed our future, what else is there to fear?

Fight on to victory Ambazonians.


Ambe Emmanuel

BaretaNews Contriutor

Edited by James Agbor

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