Of Switzerland Mafia And Western Conspiracy: When A People Becomes Battered

Interim Government of Buea

Negotiations or talks usually open after a ceasefire is in place. LRC is desperate to obliterate our self defense forces before any ceasefire is declared. In fact, by instituting a Disarmament Commission before any talks or negotiations or ceasefire, LRC is suggesting to the world that they have already won the war and our fighters have disarmed.

When you see the long lines of dane guns that LRC soldiers film and share on social media, LRC sells those not as the weapons of soldiers they have massacred. They send note verbals around to claim that those are weapons surrendered by combatants and collected by the Disarmament Commission.

With the help of France in the Security Council, LRC is buying as much time as possible and trying hard to avoid a UN-imposed ceasefire. One imposed by the UN would force them to pull out their military (which they don’t want and France supports). They also want to avoid a ceasefire because it would create a period of relative peace when our people can remobilize.

What LRC really wants is negotiations within Cameroon, bringing together everyone including Francophones, and without a ceasefire. Countries like Switzerland, Belgium and France are working with Yaounde on achieving this. The USA is the lone power insisting on LRC coming to the negotiations without preconditions. Britain, for example, failed before the UN Human Rights Council (despite having a 38 to 47 vote advantage) to call for an immediate ceasefire. They also did not call for the appointment of a Special Rappoteur. The reason being that London is in the same conspiracy to keep us enslaved; a position of the government, not shared by the UK parliament.

LRC wants the world to know they’ve got this. Yaounde hopes to avoid outside intervention as a means of not addressing the root causes.

For now, LRC is buying time mainly by claiming that we, Ambazonians, are not ready for talks. They claim that we are in too many fractious factions and they don’t know who to engage. They complain that if they make a deal with one faction others will reject them.

This is one of the most important reason why we need to work together now and going forward. It is also why stating that we are ready to discuss and clarifying that we will only discuss the terms of separation is so important. We don’t want anyone limping us into the crowd of LRC problems with their citizens.

When the guns go silent, the revolution, powered by people power not by guns, must be ready to resume in earnest. The more prepared we are for that phase, the more likely we will be to win. To the extent possible, we should make everyday after the guns die down as heavily mobilized as Sept. 22nd and October 1st, 2017.

It is that mobilization of the people, outside of or parallel to any talks or negotiations that will force the hand of the world to impose a solution on LRC that is aligned with the will of our people and delivers justice, not just the peace of the cemetery that LRC seeks to impose on our people.

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh)
Spokesperson, MoRISC

Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert (Yindo Toh



  1. Jon

    April 10, 2019 at 1:44 AM

    I thought Boh Herbert was not that pig-ignorant. Another ignoramus!

    Gibberish article!!!

  2. Jon

    April 10, 2019 at 1:55 AM

    Boh Herbert has come to the realization that guns, amba terrorism, etc will not deliver the so-called ambazonia. Tell your terrorists to drop their guns now, or else they will be vanquished soonest. Dropping your guns now will be a good face-saver.

    • SPIRIT

      April 10, 2019 at 2:21 PM

      Who cares about the stupid input from a frenchee nigga such as this fool who calls himself jon. You son of a beach. If Jon or whatever you are called is educated, he should know what the definition of ‘terrorist’ is. He should know (by what is happening) that the definition is only fully applicable to his la republic thugs called soldiers and not to the patriotic Ambazonia liberators. Write all kinds of nonsense, stupid man, Ambazonia people are no longer part of your frenchee stupidity of selling themselves to your white french masters.

  3. bimbiaboy

    April 11, 2019 at 1:28 AM

    Jon the imposter here is biyas BASTARD mother was given a vertical ram and bastard produced by The BUtcher OF AMBAZONIA.

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