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Senior Equinox Journalist Prince Nfor Hanson is reporting a serious mafia going on in the East of the Cameroons in regard to the exploitation of Gold and Diamond. The Chinese who mines the Gold and Diamond are carrying out a dangerous event at the area. Colonialism is not over. In fact, after the West left, they have continued in various forms. The activities of Chinese and other Asian countries in Africa is taking another form of colonialism. Hanson described the activities of Chinese gold miners on his Facebook platform. He wrote:

“..Officials of the East Regional Delegation of Mines have disclosed that 70% of Gold and Diamond from the East Region is sold in the Black market in ASIA without passing through local control.

The Chinese Miners who have employed laborers in Cameroon are the main exploiters and usually, use gas bottles to hide the Gold and Diamond from security checks.

They will extract gas from the bottle,fill the bottle with Gold and Diamond and pretend that they use it for cooking in the Mine.

Intelligence report indicates,the gold is wrapped in clothing and sell without paying taxes and other levies…” He concluded.

This is very bad for the country. These resources are supposed to increase the economy power of the Country. They do not pay taxes thereby stealing from the country. The mining of these resources must be scrupulously checked because paying of taxes from these could go a long way to develop the East region and another part of the country. It is sad that this has been going on for a while. Recently a corporation was signed to allow citizens of both countries with diplomatic and service passports to get into either country without a Visa. This is just the first step before those with normal passports are given same green light. The Chinese activities in Cameroons have not always been good. We have been hearing of shortages of 100 coin CFA in circulation and it was recently discovered that the Chinese in the Cameroons collected these coins and melted them for their own benefits. The Cameroon government need to be smart.

God is still saying something.

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